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My Friday Night!

My Friday Night!!!

Hello everyone! Yay Friday! How was your week? How was your day. I had an okay day just getting some goals completed. I got some writing done, some chores that I have been putting off for days done and yes, I am happy about that (Progress).

I am so happy tonight because I have the night to myself. I get to relax and enjoy my own company (Peace, YAY!!) I am very thankful for my dad who came to pick my kids up today and he will have them for the weekend. So happy this alone time is needed and been a long time coming (Yesss). Having some drinks, writing, brainstorming, chilling, good vibes, and Music, a joint and I am great by myself and Yes, I AM Cool With That!!

I am thankful for this day and thankful and grateful to be around the ones I love. I hope your day and night was cool. Again, this night is needed, and it has been great.

Have a great night people, wishing you all Love, happiness, Peace, and Blessings.

Thank you for reading.

April 1, 2021

This Day...

Happy New Month! It's April! It came quick for me but whatever. Hope you guys have a great day today and things are going your way(wishful thinking). I am doing okay and hopefully me and the kids will get out for a walk today it is nice out, nothing like good fresh air.

Today I will try to remain positive. Stay calm and stress free. I wanted to share my poem Today it is the way I am feeling.

Enjoy your day. Thank you

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