On the inside- A different person

A different person You ever met a person who is beautiful, handsome and has it all together? Or so it seems that way. On the outside everything is great. The person seem nice, strong, independent, has goals, but on the inside, the real them tells a different story. They can look a certain way toContinue reading “On the inside- A different person”

Idea, Business, Panic (LOL)

My Ideas, I panic sometimes! So, a while back I wrote about me being an overthinker, over analyzer feeling that was this moment. Within the last week new ideas came to mind and I have been thinking like crazy. Also was thinking about starting a small business while trying to finish my book. I haveContinue reading “Idea, Business, Panic (LOL)”

Caution! (Her)

Caution! (Her) I say caution, please proceed with caution. She is still trying to find herself. Caution Loving her will not be easy, it will not happen overnight. Caution Be gentle with her, her heart is fragile. Caution Her heart has been misguided. Caution, please proceed with caution. She does not know what real loveContinue reading “Caution! (Her)”