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Alone! (A Poem)

Alone I sit in silent thought

With nothing to distract my mind

No laughter, chatter, or love sought

Just solitude, my only find.

The stillness echoes in my ears

As I contemplate life’s great scheme

No judgment, pity, or sneers

Just me and my lonesome dream.

The world outside may bustle on

But in this moment, I am free

No expectations to be done

Just the peace of being me.

So let me revel in this space

And cherish every moment alone

For in this quiet, sacred place

I find the peace that makes me whole.

Me, Myself, and I



Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

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Me, Overthinker/Over analyzer

Me, Overthinker/Over analyzer

Why am I such an overthinker? I tend to second guess myself all the time and I take a long time to make a decision. I think about everything. My mind is constantly going and thinking of stuff weather it is good or bad. I also worry a lot and putting that with me overthinker and boom its chaotic and very overwhelming. I try to sit back and relax but I can admit that sometimes I am uptight and too much going on and to worry about. I have heard some people say that being an overthinker is a bad thing.

Wow I really need to relax, take it a day at a time, anyways I am overthinking right now, that is just me. The overthinker and over analyzer. SMH.

What do you think? Are you like this? Every situation I come across I over think about it, and sometimes I feel bad about the decisions that I make. This is a trait of mine that I do not like, it can be annoying at times.

Blessings and Lp

Thank you for reading.

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I Surrender!

I give myself to you

All of me

I surrender

Yours to love, to cherish

Mind, body

I surrender

Your life, your love, your heart

What I want!

 I surrender

Our bond, our time, the beauty



I surrender

Pains and sorrow

Sadness and grief

All the bad

I surrender it all to you!

My love you have

-I Surrender-

Blessings and Love!!

Thank you for reading.

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C- Confident, Creative, Cool, Curvaceous

H- Honest, Have Heart, Helping, Hard-working

I- Important, Impassioned, Imaginative, Irreplaceable

L- Leader, Likable, Lender, Light

L- Lovable, Lush, Laid back, Level-headed

Chill that I am, even under pressure yes, I vent about it all the while being me and being so chill. I have to be this way no matter what.

Be you!

Be chill!

Thank you for reading.


The Butterfly!

The Butterfly

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful animals/insects that is one of my favorites. I love butterflies because it represents life. The transitions you make in life can be compared to the stage of life of the butterfly (my opinion). Been in love with them since I was a child, the beauty of them, different colors everything. I also love them because I feel like it represents me in a way, I am always transforming/evolving into a better version of me. Changing everything around me. I am also learning to put my self out there set myself free, spread my wings and fulfilling my dreams. I am a work in progress and learning a long the way. I think I am special just like the butterfly. Beautiful like the butterfly, creative and free. Yeah, I think it represents me great. I even collect things with butterflies. Do you have an animal that you feel represents you? Or is it just me?


Thank you for reading.