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Anything For The Take!

My first published book!!

My second published book. Shift in Moods: A Poetry Book

Check these out if your look for something new to read. Thank you!

Definitely more to come!!!! Ray’Elaine


Still can’t believe it! She going to keep at it. Dedication, hard work and Lots of Passion. I’m thankful for it all. More to come from Ray’Elaine.

WIP…. Always

Look below if you want to purchase my book. Thanks in advance


Thanks for all the support.

Tonight’s Goal!

Tonight’s Goal!


Writing session going on. Nice music and pen flowing. My goal for the night is to get maybe 2-3 chapters done and that can be challenging. I am up for it though. Ideas are coming and I am loving it after being stuck on a chapter for days having writer’s block. So today is going well. Writing and watching the game and of course, music is going. Yes, multitask! Just Chill and Write.  

Enjoyable day so far, keeping my mind positive today!

How is this day going for you and your family?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.




Thank you for all the support💙💚

Just Ray’Elaine

Lately I have been off and trying to get back to me and be happy. Trying to get these books done and have other projects in the works.

Strength is needed!!! Sometimes I need to slow down.

I want to start a new business where I will be a ghostwriter. Still have to get that started. Also want to design book covers for authors. I have been doing some practice with book designs and flyers it is something I love to do. Just wishing it turns out good for me. That is definitely in the works.

Constant new ideas coming, and I let my mind and pen flow with it. That is just Ray’Elaine. Just Write and be you!

Yes, there is more to come!!!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

***Such a random post lol*** More of me and book links below!!!

Me being goofy!!!😂😂

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Hello everyone.

December is here, wow can’t believe it came so soon. Well to me it seems that way. Last month of the year. I’m excited I have some things in the works and ready to see where it takes me. So much happened this year and yet I am still smiling and pushing through, and I didn’t think I would make it at times. I am thankful and grateful. I have new ideas for books and for my blog, also making changes around my house and in my life. So ready for something good and new for me and my family. Just want positive vibes and energy around me.

New month, new goals especially with getting my 3rd book done. Honestly can’t believe it is taking me this long, it will get done though. Working hard to accomplish my goals and this month it is crunch time, grind time, make it happen time. If you are trying and making things happen for the good in your life stay strong, take it step by step and day by day. We got this. Use this month well and reach high.

Any new goals for you? How has the year been to you? Are you ready for the New Year? What do you want to gain by the end of the month?

Hope this month brings you love, happiness, and peace


Thank you for reading.