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Path to Future

In the future, we’ll find a way

To rise above the clouds of gray

And see a world that’s bright and clear

Free from all that we now fear

Hope will guide us through the night

And lead us to a brighter light

We’ll find a path that’s true and right

And chase away the clouds from sight

With clarity of mind and soul

We’ll reach our goals and be made whole

The future holds a world unknown

But with hope and clarity, we’ll grow and own

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading

Tonight’s Goal!

Tonight’s Goal!


Writing session going on. Nice music and pen flowing. My goal for the night is to get maybe 2-3 chapters done and that can be challenging. I am up for it though. Ideas are coming and I am loving it after being stuck on a chapter for days having writer’s block. So today is going well. Writing and watching a show, of course, music is going. Yes, multitask! Just Chill and Write.  

Enjoyable day so far, keeping my mind positive today!

How is this day going for you and your family?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.




Thank you for all the support💙💚