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Happy Wednesday!

Golden sun rises

Work calls, but family first

Love in every breath

Morning brings new beginnings

Blessed to share it all with you.

Good Morning all

Have a good one!

Blessings and Love!

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Good Morning Thursday!

The morning sun rises, the day has begun

Hard work awaits, there’s much to be done

Life’s challenges ahead, they won’t be undone

No time to waste, we must seize the day

With every task completed, we pave the way

For a brighter tomorrow, a better way

Rhyming words flow, without meter’s hold

Expressing through verse, the story is told

Of mornings, hard work, and life’s unfold

Good Morning to ALL!

Thank you for reading.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance, a wondrous pair

A story they can always share

A rhythm shared in every beat

A gentle sound that can’t be beat.

A twirl of the feet, a turn of the head

A vision of beauty, all are led

A lively tune, a graceful sway

A harmony of music and play.

A harmony of all the senses

The sight and sound of such intense

A ringing in the ears and soul

An uplifting feeling that takes control.

A sweet sensation, a lively show

A union of music and dance, we all know

A story that can never be told

A harmony of body and soul.

Music and Dance, wondrous perfect pair

-Music and Dance-

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

Tonight’s Goal!

Tonight’s Goal!


Writing session going on. Nice music and pen flowing. My goal for the night is to get maybe 2-3 chapters done and that can be challenging. I am up for it though. Ideas are coming and I am loving it after being stuck on a chapter for days having writer’s block. So today is going well. Writing and watching a show, of course, music is going. Yes, multitask! Just Chill and Write.  

Enjoyable day so far, keeping my mind positive today!

How is this day going for you and your family?

Blessings and Love!

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Thank you for all the support💙💚


The fireplace!

Warm and cozy

By the fireplace

Storytelling and laughter

Filled the room

By the fireplace

Warm and cozy


Hot chocolate

Making memories


The ones you


By the fireplace

Warm and cozy

Nothing to

Worry about

Fun and love

Filled the room

By the fireplace

Warm and cozy



Special night



By the fireplace

Warm and cozy

Night shared

With family

And friends

A night where


Don’t want the

Fun to end

Joy and love


By the fireplace

Where we All


Warm and cozy

The fireplace

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.