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Take A Walk

Take A Walk!

Take a walk

It will be okay

Take a walk

See the birds, dogs, cats, squirrels

Hear nature sounds

Take a walk

Do not think about anything

Awaken your senses


Take a walk

To clear your mind, get fresh air

Breathe in breathe out

Just take a long walk

And let nature lead you

Be at peace

Take it all in

Take that walk


Feel good within!

Take a Walk!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.



Sitting in this big treehouse

Surrounded by nature

A natural calm

Sitting in this treehouse

Content with myself

Wine in hand

Body relaxed

In this treehouse

Stress is out

Mind not wondering

Feeling in the groove

Peace all over me

In this tree house

Is my hideout

Invisible to all

No I’m not small

In this treehouse

I like to be

In this treehouse I am me

This big ole treehouse, YES all for me

Thank You For Reading!



The destination, one where people get

Lost in their thoughts

Enjoy the peace and the quiet

Still waters, wavy waters

The beauty of the view, the colors

A sight to see, such calmness

Feet in the sand forgetting everything just for a moment

Nature hugs you

Keeps you in

Ocean side there is where I want to dream

Take it all in

Breathe in breathe out

Let it all go while at the


Thank you for reading!