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Holiday Season II

Holiday’s: Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is all about Christmas. I am making lists for both of my kids, nieces, and nephews. Also making a big grocery list and trying to figure out what I am going to cook. I am a little excited about Christmas for my kids. Since my kids love reading, I am going to find some chapter books for them and maybe some puzzles. I have my own list for them, and I know they have a list of their own whew cannot wait to see what they have on it.  Again, excited for my kids. I am still trying to fully get in the holiday spirit.  Or another idea I had was to go out of town and see family. Have to think about that though. Are you excited for Christmas? Any plans? Or staying home? Any gift ideas for pre-teens. My kids and nieces and nephews are pre-teens and I have really no clue even when I ask them because they change their minds so much lol.  Are you cooking?

I know I have to move fast because Christmas would be here before we know it. It seems the months are flying by I cannot believe it is the end of November already. Holidays special to some and to others just another day. How do you feel about Christmas? My thoughts tonight would love to hear yours. Hope the night is going great for you all.


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Today marks 9 months….Still hard
What a day, trying to remain positive

Just Write


Been three days and I am still in shock. I feel like I am coming and going. I am lost and hurting right now and I know it will take some time to heal. Such a beautiful person gone so soon. I love you mom and you will be missed. Again I am still shocked and haven't been in the mood to do anything. I just really want to be alone I am taking this hard and wish I could stop thinking so much. Feelings at the moment: Shocked, Lost, Hurt, Sad, Raged, Alone, Depressed, and more. Got to take this one day at a time and I know it will not be easy.

Praying for strength, guidance, understanding, patience wisdom, and healing for me and my family. Praying that things will get better with time. Venting and getting out how I feel right now and writing this took…

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In Life

In Life

Life will always try to

Make things difficult for you

Things happens

But every time you overcome obstacles

You come out stronger

Do not stop believing

Do not ever give up

You got it, keep going

No matter what, face it

Faith over Fear, In Life

You are strong in life

Much LOVE!

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*Updated on 7/7/2021*

Wanted to repost!!!

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Act’s Up!

Act’s Up

When the curtains close

Your behind closed doors

The happiness simmers

The smile fades

The fame gone

The fake love disappears

No one around

Your quiet

You stare and wonder

What is it all for?

Is it just the act in me?

Can they not see the real me?

On stage its all love

All happiness

Roses and candies

balloons and confetti

The act keeps them near

When curtains close

Where are they?

Why, I fear?


Staring in the mirror

Cannot pretend with myself

With none

Behind that curtain

Who am I?

An act, a person…….

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#Much Love #APoem

Loving Self!

Love Yourself

When you have to make choices that are good for you but will hurt someone, still choose you.

It doesn’t make sense to keep giving in to them or live how they want you to. Or give into a situation that is not good or safe. Give in to yourself, feed you and your soul

Love yourself better than you love anyone else. Be strong and make the right decisions

It is Your life, so the choice has to be made for you and your future

Give yourself all you got.

Make those hard choices and be a better you

The truth is honestly how can you love someone or something if first you don’t love yourself…

My thoughts and feelings tonight, self-love is very important. Please remember to be kind, caring, and loving to yourself. You matter!

Don’t let no one tell you otherwise.


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