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S.N.T-Sunday Thoughts

Just Write

Sometimes in life it’s best you take your time at things. Don’t rush and be patience. Love yourself through it all and you will be fine. Remember no need to rush!

Don’t love too soon

Don’t trust too fast

Don’t quit too early

Don’t expect too high

Don’t talk too much

Thank you for reading!

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The feelings of life changing!!!

I have to say that I am proud of myself. Working hard and being focused pays off. This has been a long journey. I am excited about what is to come. Shout out to my kids who hung in there with me. Shoutout to those who supported me. Shoutout to those who are focused, working hard, and going for their dreams. Don’t ever give up.

Having strength and faith got me to this place, and I am truly grateful, and I appreciate the journey.

Remember that you can make your dreams come true. Keep at it and have faith.

Just wanted to post this. I am feeling emotional but not over anything bad, just happy about how far I made it. Also want to encourage others to do what makes them happy. I am proud of everyone who put their best in. Keep Going, Be strong, You got this 🖤💙💛🧡🤎💚💜

You have to trust the process!!!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for stopping by.

True To Me

No lies I ask

Be true with me

Want no deceiving

Be true to me

No to the sneaking

Never to be weakened

Give your true self to me

No fakeness I ask

Be true with me

Smiling in my face

Like a snake, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Be true to me

No to the useless relationships

I could do without it

Need no one to pretend to care

I don’t like it

No to all lies and disrespect

I will only

Accept honesty and respect

I just ask you to be true to me

Like I would be true to you

Be careful, be peaceful



True to me..

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.



Hello, Today I want to talk about goals. What do goals mean to you?  When I say goals, I mean all. Short term, long term, love goals, career goals, mental goals. I have been thinking lately and decided to change things, and that means my goals too.

My long-term goals needed a little tweaking have you ever felt like the goals you have can be better that is the feeling I have now some of them were out there, and it is best to set goals that are attainable. It is best I make better life choices and decisions. Do you guys have career goals? I do, I want to be a great author who tells stories my readers will love and can relate to. I want to write in all genera,l you know, try a little of this and try a little of that till I find what I am good at writing. What about love goals, I have heard there are people who set love goals for themself, now I have never done it and feel like it will be hard to do but to each is own. Have you guys heard of this, or have you set love goals for yourself? Will you care to share them? Short-term goals are goals I find a little easy to me they are my weekly and monthly goals which sometimes they are met. I say easy because they are not challenging. I think that setting goals keep a person grounded goals remind you that you must stay focused. I think that by getting yourself together and setting goals for yourself that you know you manage, and work is great. It is always a good thing to reach higher once a goal is completed, go on to the next or set more. Never stop trying to achieve them. We have goals for a reason.

Thank you for reading, feel free to like, comment, and/or share.



Sometimes you just must remind yourself that you will succeed, you will win. You will overcome obstacles that are in your way.

Remind yourself to push hard every day and never give up. Keep pushing through it all, even if you must cry, scream, let it all out. Don’t give up.

Sometimes we have to talk to our inner selves and give some pep talks. Let ourselves know that all will be okay. Say you are strong and willing. Say you believe in your dreams, Say you have faith.

Remind yourself that you have your own back.

Just a reminder to take of yourself! Self-Love, Self-Care is the best care!

A reminder!

Remember to love yourself and those around you.



Thank you for reading.

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