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No More Tears

Learning to be okay

With my past

I often tell myself

No more tears

Learning to let go

Of the tight hold

The past has over me

Again, I say

No more tears

Want it all to be forgotten

Blocked out my mind

Struggling to move on

No more tears

For those who caused pain

No more tears

For my benefit

Let it go Ray

Do not let it define you

No more tears

Tired of being tied down

No more I say

I have to gain control

No more tears

Be myself, be free

No more questioning why

All cried out I am

Stay strong

Stand tall, rise above my past

Be proud, wear my scars

I say to myself, no, nope, done

No More Tears.

Blessing and Love.

Thank you for reading.

Rage III

Rage in my heart, beats like thunder

A tempest raging deep within

My thoughts, a wild and fearsome wonder

A storm that’s set to never end

My anger rises like a fire

A burning flame that knows no end

My soul consumed by its desire

To lash out, to break and bend

Ripping apart my peace

Anger boiling deep within

Grinding teeth and shaking fists

Explosive fury taking over

Blood boiling

Over and over

Damn this rage inside of me…

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Rage II

This fire, this hurt, this pain, sadness built up

I just want to let it out

My body, my mind wants bloody revenge

Rage inside and I do not care who I hurt, do not care of the outcome

Rage roaring if you are in my view, tears will be cried, blood will be shed

Rage causing me to lose focus, I cannot see, its darkness

Rage want me to react

Rage got me drowning, drinking constantly

Rage inside of me ready to burst

Flames everywhere

Hurt, pain everywhere

Rage rage rage as it continues to build

Damn rage inside of me

Blessings and Love!

Thank you reading.

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I am Torn

Between not knowing the true intentions of a person


Is it all fake? Real?


Between my head and my heart

Question every conversation, moments, movements


Because I stay guarded

Scared to let me out


Though they words sound nice

A difference in their actions

Shit don’t add up


Due to wasted time


See all the blurriness!


I always get left behind


Due to sweet lies


Though I am torn

Life goes on!


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Oh Man.. WTF!

Doing good then Boom…. Why?

Okay so everything was fine, and I am writing and then my mom pops up in my
head. Oh man that just made me pause and just start balling. Hate this feeling and now feeling a little down. Why does this happen? Now I am going to pray then turn on some music and hopefully stop feeling this way.

UGh shake it off I’m saying to myself. Maybe I need to go to bed. Put the notebooks and pens up and rest. Maybe she is telling me something I don’t know. Whatever music and a shot of something strong, a joint, shower and the damn bed. Just want to feel numb and not think for a while. Crazy months ago, thought I would be done drinking but here I am tonight with all these damn emotions, and a damn drink in hand (SMH). And it is really past my bedtime lol have to be up at 5am (Got To Work! YAY!) plus I have a migraine on top of all this.

Whew! Just venting and a little freaked out. It’s like I am feeling her. Again, have to shake it off….. Get it together. Oh Man, WTF- My feelings tonight.

 I Love and miss you mom. R.I.P.

Hope you all night is good! Have a good one.

 Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Sorry if this post is too negative to you…My Blog My TRUTH!


Hurting…..Re-Share!!! Feels today
Have you felt this before? So Hurt you do not know what to do.
Want Revenge?

Just Write


Have you ever felt unhappy, filled with rage? You just want those who hurt you to hurt also. You want them to suffer and feel all the pain you feel plus more. Past pain, relationships, anybody. Sometimes I think of revenge, wanting to inflict torture and pain, to see them squirm, see them feel helpless, powerless, weak, lost, and scared. I want them to feel it all. That is how I am feeling at the moment I know some people can relate and some can’t **Shrugs**. Payback.

It is crazy how they are out living there lives, they suffered no consequences, out and free. And me I feel I am still trapped in that time in that pain. Replaying the shit that was done and it still feels like no time has passed. Crazy world I feel this way and must deal with it every day. Yes, I have…

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