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Back Then

Back Then

Remembering back when I was eleven, twelve years old I was just a young smart, shy, innocent girl. My favorite thing to do besides writing yes been writing for years was to be around my grandma. She always made me happy no matter what. At that age I was always talking to her on the phone and wanted to go anywhere she went and would be so excited when I got to spend time with her. I also at that time wanted to live with her. We had a special bond. She used to write too and sometimes she would read her poetry to me. I would smile big and was ready to listen (oh I miss it). My grandma taught me so much, to cook and to always be respectful and responsible. She was my everything, she has been gone for about 20 years and I still miss her and think about her a lot. Even though it has been this long I do not think that I have ever gotten over losing my grandma. Just thinking about her when I woke up this morning made me want to write about it, my heart is heavy, but I know I will get through it. Just want to vent and talk about back then before I turned into a different person. She passed when I was thirteen years old it broke my heart; it broke my world. My grandma and mom are on my mind today. Whew okay had to let that out, on my venting and thinking ish today.

Hope you all have a good one!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


Do you believe in karma? When you think about it what comes to mind?

I believe in it. I do believe that the bad that you put out can come back around. Maybe not how you did it, but it comes. Sometimes it can be brutal. Some stuff that is done deserves consequences. I feel people don’t care too much though because they still do a lot of bad and feel that they are invisible Also think that karma can be brought upon those you love for your sins or badness. No, I don’t think that karma comes around for those who did bad. Those who do good have good karma coming their way. Helping others and being a genuine person can do some good in your life, you should always be kind to others. I do feel that some things that have happened to me were karma from close loved ones I don’t know it is just a thought or maybe my fate. You know the saying “Karma is a bitch” I believe it. Lol

Karma is the reason I try to do no harm to others. No scamming, spamming, lying, or cheating. I prefer to be upfront and honest and try not to lead people on and do wrong by them. I like to treat those I meet with respect until they show me otherwise. I guess there who people in this world who like to inflict pain on others with no regard. It is irritating but you can’t control what other people do. Karma can happen at any time most likely when we least expect it. Just crazy how this world can be cruel and unfair, but hey that is life and karma is a part of it.

 Karam is a real thing the good and the bad. Well, I think so. Thoughts?

Just thinking out loud. That word Karma….

Agree, or not??

Do you think revenge and karma are the same?

Karma: destiny or fate, following as effect from cause. One’s actions of cause and effect

What is your meaning of the word Karma?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


Are you a person who can easily walk away from challenging situations? Are you a person who can easily forgive? Easily forget the negative.

Me I am not that person. I worry too much and think about the past way too much. Something I do not like about myself. I am always on edge and thinking about my past makes it worst and then anxiety kicks in. Wish it were easy for me to forget stuff, to forgive, and trust more. Want to easily walk away with no wounds. Wishful thinking huh? Yeah, it is annoying at times, and wish I could just leave the negative shit in the past. I worry too much it is crazy. Again, wish I can easily walk away from all the bad. Worrying a lot is stressful.

Ugh too much on my mind right now and want to getaway. Head spinning and mind racing fast. You ever had one of those days? Praying on it as always. Just writing to get my thoughts, feelings, and venting out. Sometimes I have to whether it is a negative post or not. I just want to be able to forgive and forget. I am me and right now I am worrying and having anxiety, must admit writing does help as it is calming for a moment. Praying for all of those having those bad days. Breathe and pray about it. Have faith.

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.



Want to let it all go

Forget the past, forget the humiliation

Forget the hurt, forget it all

Forget the people who played a part in my hurt

Forget those who knew but did not help, looked away

Forget those who said they care, but really do not

Forget the feelings I had, forget my tears

Forget get being a child, forget all of my childhood


Forget having too much weight on my shoulders

Forget getting over shit alone and afraid

Damn yall

I just want to forget

Forget it all…

Thank you for reading.