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What’s the thing you’re most scared to do?

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

-There is a few….

The thing I am most scared to do is Loose control. In a good way and a bad way. I like to be in control, and I feel that I am scared to lose that. I am not sure of what it will take for me to stop fearing my control issues. On the other hand, sometimes, I feel like I am losing control in a way that is bad and a lot of chaos. My attitude can be bad and if I am pushed its so worst. Working on my healing to change that.

I am also scared to drive. I am grown and I do not drive, it is a fear of mine. I don’t know why I just don’t face my fear and try it. It’s something that is always on my mind. I think I will seek help on how to face that fear. I get so scared, and my anxiety goes up when i am in a vehicle..Crazy right? Another one is scared to open up to people. I keep a guard up and don’t really interact much. I keep my distant and keep to myself. This is something else that I have been working on.

Those are the things I am scared of the most. Might be simple or weird things. I own it.

What about you?

Blessings and Love

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What do you complain about the most?

Now days I feel like I complain the most about having free, alone time, a hectic and chaos free day. I talk about being alone a lot and having some quiet time and peace. I feel like taking care of home, the work life, me writing, and starting a business I just want to take a time to take a break from it a all for like maybe a day or two or shit a week or two (LOL). I complain about not having fun, or doing the basic things for myself. I feel like sometimes I have a boring life. I do not do much, such a home body. Sometimes I feel the need to want to be alone by myself and just relax just be zoned out without a care. Live in a fantasy world for a while. And I say it is wishful thinking. My life iis hectic and always so much to do. Everybody deserves time off and relaxation. Am I wrong?  I also complain about me overthinking lol. Those are the two things I complain about the most. I mean like every day. Crazy! But seriously alone time, a break, a vacation all sounds good and needed right now.

Are you a person who complains a lot? If so, what about?

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Hello all! How is it going?

I am thinking about life overall and I been thinking about the things that I have failed at in life and wanted to open up about how I deal with those failures. So I have a question my blog peeps, and this can be used as a writing prompt if you are a writer and like to do writing prompts. Question is below as well as my response.

Do you deal with failure positively?

When it comes to failure and I, we are never on the same page. So, to answer this question I do not deal with failure in a positive way. When I fail at something I am usual in an unpleasant mood. I take it to heart, and I feel like I hurt myself when I fail at something. I kind of shut down for a while and just be in a funk. I feel like it takes a while for me to fully process that I have failed. It is not a good feeling. I then start to question everything I have done leading to it. Feel like I must and work so much harder for me not to fail. Failure I know happens from time-to-time life is not easy and pursing your passions, your dreams there is a chance of failure. Me knowing this I still don’t like failing and feel like I am letting myself down or others. I know it is not okay for me to feel this way, but I do. Something I try to work on and know that everything will not always go my way. Failure is a part of life. Some of us need to accept that (ME). Learning to take things how they are when they arrive. Yeah, me and my Failures do not get along (LOL),

How do you deal with failure? How do you move past it? Care to share?

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Blessings and Love

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Hello all, tonight I want to talk about consistency.

For me, consistency is being steady, accurate, and following through with something prompt. Keep up with what you started. Being consistent is important, especially in working towards your goals and dreams, making changes in your life, fitness, education, and more. You have to be on top of everything and make sure you stay on track. If you keep slacking or putting stuff off for another time, you will get nothing done. Maybe set schedules to help you along the way. I know sometimes life gets in the way, pick yourself up and try to get back on track. Be consistent in life and you will get results, well that is my opinion. That goes for friendships and any relationship. You both have to be consistent with each other and on the same page.

Consistency or being consistent can be in any situation, job, or career anything you do or want to do. I wanted to talk about the is. In the past years ago, I had a problem with being consistent with my writing. I would write one day then it will be months before I write again. I had to quickly change that. I am very consistent with the pen now lol. That is on my mind tonight, of course, Ms. Thinker! LOL

Thoughts? What does it mean to you? Do you have a hard time being consistent?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

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