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Stormy Nights!

Stormy Nights

Dark, cold, raining

Storm is raging

Candles lit, scene is set

Stormy Nights

Brings together a romance

As the sound of the rain

Is the music for us

Candles lit with the scent of

Warm vanilla and caramel

As the thunder roar, with specks of lighting

Storm is raging

Us no care in the world, BUT each other

Stormy Nights

Brings souls together

Dancing and laughing

A good night indeed

Candles lit with the shadows of

Our bodies

Such a Stormy Night

Oh, one to remember

As we get lost in romance


The rain keep falling

Thunder keep roaring

It’s a Stormy Night



-Stormy Nights-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance, a wondrous pair

A story they can always share

A rhythm shared in every beat

A gentle sound that can’t be beat.

A twirl of the feet, a turn of the head

A vision of beauty, all are led

A lively tune, a graceful sway

A harmony of music and play.

A harmony of all the senses

The sight and sound of such intense

A ringing in the ears and soul

An uplifting feeling that takes control.

A sweet sensation, a lively show

A union of music and dance, we all know

A story that can never be told

A harmony of body and soul.

Music and Dance, wondrous perfect pair

-Music and Dance-

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

Would you rather? #2

Hello my blog peeps!

Tonight, I want to have a would you rather post/discussion. I would list some would you rather questions and give my input/answers to them. Feel free to answer one or all if you like. I would love to hear your thoughts and answers. Nothing too hard, simple, and they are random questions.

Here we go!!!!

  1. Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

I think I would want to be invisible. I don’t like to be seen or like being in large crowds. I want to be invisible everywhere I go. I would also use it to pull pranks on people. LOL. Flying is a good one also, but I rather be invisible.

  • Would you rather lose a finger or have a headache everyday for the rest of your life?

This one is easy to pick for me. I would rather lose a finger. I get headaches, migraines and that is a pain in the ass. No thank you to that.  I would lose that finger and have to deal with it not being their instead of everyday pain. Losing one finger won’t be so bad…Right?

  • Would you rather have an arranged marriage or spend the rest of your life single?

I would rather be single for the rest of my life. If it is a arranged marriage there are no guarantees that me and that person would get along. I think that an arranged marriage would probably be miserable if there is no like, no love, nothing. If I knew the person or knew exactly how the marriage would go then cool, I am in if not I would pass. Being single is fine. Agree or disagree?

  • Would you rather want to be able to speak any language or be able to communicate with animals?

With this one I would want to do both. If I had to choose I would want to be able to communicate with animals. Just to have a good conversation with a lion or a dolphin, all types of animals. Might be weird but I think it would be cool. Interesting both of them would be!

  • Would you rather have a good relationship with bad sex or a bad relationship with good sex?

I would rather have the good relationship with bad sex, I feel with that you can always learn or teach your partner. I would not want to be in a bad relationship at all. In a bad relationship it might be hard to get the person to change. My thoughts. So this was a easy one for me.

So, what would you rather do?

Have a good one!

Thank you for stopping by.


What do you complain about the most?

Now days I feel like I complain the most about having free, alone time, a hectic and chaos free day. I talk about being alone a lot and having some quiet time and peace. I feel like taking care of home, the work life, me writing, and starting a business I just want to take a time to take a break from it a all for like maybe a day or two or shit a week or two (LOL). I complain about not having fun, or doing the basic things for myself. I feel like sometimes I have a boring life. I do not do much, such a home body. Sometimes I feel the need to want to be alone by myself and just relax just be zoned out without a care. Live in a fantasy world for a while. And I say it is wishful thinking. My life iis hectic and always so much to do. Everybody deserves time off and relaxation. Am I wrong?  I also complain about me overthinking lol. Those are the two things I complain about the most. I mean like every day. Crazy! But seriously alone time, a break, a vacation all sounds good and needed right now.

Are you a person who complains a lot? If so, what about?

Thank you for visiting.

Sharing a little more about Ray’Elaine!


List five things you do for fun.

The five things I do the most that I consider fun is:

Number One: Having game/movie night with my kids. Have to get our bonding time in

Number Two: Writing. Writing is my passion I love creative writing

Number Three: Dancing. I like to put music on and dance all around the house. It is fun and a stress reliever for me. Anyone else like this with dancing?

Number Four: Coloring. Fun and relaxing with good music!

Number Five: Baking… I love making desserts. Especially cookies!!!

What are your five things to do for fun?

Please feel free to like, and comment.

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