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To My Little Ones II

Oh, my fun, chaotic kids

You bring me so much joy and happiness

You make life so full and bright

Your antics keep me up at night

You are so full of energy and life

Causing me laughter and some strife

You never cease to amaze me

Filling me with pride, so proud to be

Your Chaos is something to behold

But your joy and love I can never scold

You are my pride and joy, my world

You make my heart forever swirl

You bring me laughter so bright

Though some days can be a sight

Your personalities are so unique

You are fun and chaotic; I am so complete.

Love always to my kids, my little ones!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

That “NO” Word..

Hello, how is everyone’s night going?

Why do we sometimes feel like we cannot tell those close to us the word no, if we do, we feel guilty and question ourselves. We want to help and be there, so we do not like to tell people no. The thing is we know sometimes that the best thing is to say no and know it is the right choice, but we struggle with it. Me I have that problem especially with my kids. I try to please my loved ones no matter what. Yes of course there are times when I am like no and that is final, but still feel bad about it and there are times where I do not know why I feel bad. Why is that? I was also that way with my mom. Is anyone else this way? This is another thing I have changed in my life!

I want to say those two letters and mean it and not feel bad about it or selfish. It’s not to the point where I feel like people are taking advantage, it is just how I feel about saying no and thinking about the other person feelings. Yeah, I often push I how feel to the side, but at this age I am used to it-SIGH-. Just like to help people, I guess. Even though I get told that all the time (LOL).

But now days I have learned that saying no is the best thing to do. It is what is best for me in certain situations. No matter what your feelings are. You have to always put your feelings first.

Can you easily tell a loved one, no? What do you think?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Family and Love!!


Family love is like no other. Sometimes being around them you feel safe and secure, and you know that they are safe. Love and bond at times are real strong. Keep your loved ones close and let them know how much you love and care about them on a daily basis.

Family is important and special, and of course there when you need them and vice versa. It is always good to have someone to call on no matter what. And spending time and having fun. Nothing like being around family and you all are having a good time.

It is all about your family

Family Love!

Love and Blessings!

Thank You.

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Hello All,

Doing some writing prompts tonight and also getting other writing goals done. A writing prompt that I wanted to share is a subject I am sure people are aware of and probably talk about a lot. I just wanted to share what I think, and I also want to know what you think about the subject.

The writing prompt question is: What do you think good communication means in a relationship?

To me good communication in a relationship means having a partner who understands you and a person that you can go to to talk about anything. Especially when it comes to the relationship. Talking to each other when situations arrive and being able to talk about it and figure it out together is key. Even if you both have differences you both should be able to come together and discuss them with no problem. Not be afraid to talk to your partner. In a relationship, a partner should be one you can always count on even for a listening ear. Being able to let each other know what you both feel and what you both want is good for a relationship. I want a partner who can feel comfortable coming to me about how they are feeling or just talk about what is on their mind. Be able to hear them and take the time to listen to them and show them you care. I will not want to be in a relationship where the other person is scared to tell me their true feelings, whether it is about the two of us or their daily struggles. I think having good communication in a relationship is very important and it is healthy for any relationship whether it is a parent and child relationship, a relationship between siblings, a friendship, and of course an intimate relationship. You should always feel comfortable going to those closest to you and communicating. I feel how can you make the relationship work if you don’t talk about important stuff or even small situations. Talk it out. I know it can be hard depending on the person you are dealing with but must start and try at some time,

I know you all know the saying communication is key. And yes, it is. Well, that’s my opinion on the matter. What are your thoughts?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, also, take this writing prompt and feel free to write about it.

I am just writing tonight and of course, thinking, and this prompt is one I wanted to talk about. Thinking and writing aloud! Anyplace you go or anyone you talk to communication is important in any relationship. Again just my thoughts. T.O.L moment!

Hope the weekend was good to you and have a good one.

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


The fireplace!

Warm and cozy

By the fireplace

Storytelling and laughter

Filled the room

By the fireplace

Warm and cozy


Hot chocolate

Making memories


The ones you


By the fireplace

Warm and cozy

Nothing to

Worry about

Fun and love

Filled the room

By the fireplace

Warm and cozy



Special night



By the fireplace

Warm and cozy

Night shared

With family

And friends

A night where


Don’t want the

Fun to end

Joy and love


By the fireplace

Where we All


Warm and cozy

The fireplace

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


Chilling and enjoying the night with family. Watching the Super Bowl with my son and excited. Going for my home team Kansas City Chiefs!!! Love it. My son going for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Also, I liked the halftime show. I am a fan of Rihanna. Good performance. I am multitasking as I am writing some poetry. Thinking about writing another poetry book, but not too sure. Well back to my writing, of course got to get a writing session in before bed. Finishing some goals tonight. A chill night.

How are you all doing? Are you watching the Super Bowl? Did you enjoy the halftime show and commercials? Working on any projects?

Have a good one

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.