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A Write Night!

Hello my blog peeps. Tonight, I am in an okay mood and doing what I do best and that is getting my write on. Been slacking and behind my writing schedule lately so I feel like it’s a catch-up night. I have writing goals tonight that must be completed before I hit the bed.

So tonight, I want to get 5-6 chapters done. May seem like hard work but the pen is flowing with no problems, I am in a zone and love it. I got two chapters done then made dinner so its back at it. It is taking some time getting this book done, so I need to work hard and publish it soon.

Good ideas are in the air. Relaxing night so far. Well, my blog peeps, homegirl got to get back to it. Goals are getting met tonight. Homegirl is focused. Get It Done!! Ms. Author here!

How was the weekend for you? How’s your Sunday night going? Working on any projects?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


Is your life today what you pictured a year ago?

The answer to this question would be a definitely no. This past year have been a long ride and some lost loves. Doing a lot of grieving. I can say honestly, I am working on my healing and trying to pick up the pieces. I did not think in a year that I would actually publish my books, so that is the good thing that happened over this last year. I am also working on other projects and thankful that I have the strength to focus on my dreams. I am hanging in there though. I have learned a lot and learning to be calmer. Fix my emotions from time to time and get on with the day.

Been a journey this past year. Nothing that I would have even imagined happened in my life. It’s life though.

What about you? Is your life today what you pictured a year ago? Are you in the healing stage. Are you happier than you were last year?

Just a daily prompt! Something to think about.

Blessings and Love!

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Author Here!

Ink flows from my pen, a river of words

A world of stories, waiting to be heard

With each page, a new tale is told

A universe of characters, brave and bold

I weave my words into a tapestry of life

Creating magic, banishing strife

As an author, I hold the power to inspire

To move hearts, to ignite a fire

Writing is my passion, my joy, my art

A journey of the mind, a reflection of the heart

So, I’ll keep writing, with each word I write

Sharing my stories, day and night.

I am here. Author in sight!

-Author Here-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Happiness Inside!

Smiling inside and out

Can’t hide

Happiness from inside

Feeling like somebody

Do flips inside my body

Right here, right now happy

Things falling in place

Happiness from inside

Making me blush

From my own self

Feeling accomplished

Loved and proud

Happiness from deep


Where it starts

Loving myself

Like never before

Happiness inside

No one can steal this

Keeping my head up

No matter what

This happiness inside

So bright



Happiness inside

I fought hard to make it here

Happiness inside

I’ll never hide

Feeling this way

With big smiles

Inside and out

Everyone can see

I love it, all around this

Happiness inside!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

In The Night!

In the night when all is still

I am up and my mind is awake

Racing with thoughts good and bad

In the night when its hard to sleep

In the night is when I write

Letting it all flow together

In the night, my heart is free, free to be me

In the night I see clear

In the night, my imagination is wild

In the night, my mind is wild

In the night I write freely, freely me

And it is Night! Time to write!

-In The Night-

Blessings and Love!

Thanks for reading.

#InTheNight #JustWrite


D- Disconnected

I-  Invisible

S- Savage

T- Tempered


N- Nonchalant

T- Terrible

Disconnected in this world

Again, that feeling of being

Invisible in a crowed place

Savage I am, no other way

This irrational

Temper won’t let me be

Attitude bad, and oh so

Nonchalant too

And that feeling of doing things so


Distant I must be.


Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.