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Dream Chaser

Stepping into the world

With a purpose, with goals

Ms. Dream Chaser

Reaching high for those stars

Wanting more, become the best me

Ms. Dream Chaser

I will not give up

Dedication through my veins

Passion and creativeness I rain

Ms. Dream Chaser

Get what I set my eyes on

At my grasp, I can do it

Focused and never settle

Ms. Dream Chaser

Chasing my dreams forever.


Thank you for reading.

Life and Value

Hello all, how’s your weekend going? I have a writing prompt tonight. I wanted to share my thoughts about my values.

What do you value most in your life?

The things I value most in my life are:

Number 1- I value God. Without him nothing is possible and without his guidance don’t know who I will be or where I would be. Having faith always.

Number 2- I value my children and my family. I feel like my children saved my life in a way. Also changed my way of thinking and living, they made me grow up. Quick (LOL). They keep me on my toes and focused at all times. And I feel sometimes without them I would have given up on life a long time ago. I love them so much. Grateful and thankful for my children and my family as well.

Number 3- I value my patience, how far I have come, my passions. Also, me accomplishing my goals and dreams.

Number 4- I value my determination, my drive, my strength. Always pushing through no matter what. I value myself always going after what I want in life.

Number 5- I value life overall, things that I have, I value life even with the struggles that I have faced in life. I am still here fighting,

I value all those and more. I am grateful for all that I have especially the little things, and what I don’t have.

So, question my blog peeps.

What do you value most in your life? Care to share? Do you like writing prompts?

Blessings and Love 🖤🤎💛🧡💚💓💗

Thank you for reading.

I Come From

I Come From

Faith, Strength, and Love

I Come From

A place of dedication, hard work, and common sense

I Come From

Beautiful magic, secrete potions, and jungles

I Come From

A place of truth, passion, and hope

I Come From

Time, Life, and Music

I Come From

A place of vulnerability, fear, and worry

I Come From

Inspiration, Deep Souls, and light

I Come From

A place of the good, the bad, the evil

I Come From

As you see

Many places!

-I Come From-

Blessings and Love!!

Thank you for reading.

I Admit!

I Admit that I am a person who is so stuck in my ways

I Admit that my attitude is not the best, I rage from time to time (SIGH)

I Admit that I can be a little hard to deal with and sometimes need reassurance that I’m still wanted and loved

I Admit that I have a tough time letting go

I Admit that it is hard to let my guard down and for me to fully be open

I Admit that I am afraid to love, to be vulnerable with someone

I Admit that it will be hard to not be in control all the time, when I feel the need to want to control everything

I Admit that I can be toxic in a way when I shut down and shut off from the world. I do not want to be bothered with anything or anybody. I really would not talk to anyone for days. I feel its toxic because I should just address shit instead of running a away and shutting down my emotions (BIG TRUTH)

I Admit that I have major trust issues and sometimes I just don’t believe what a person says sometimes

I Admit that it would be hard to let a man come into my life and take lead, also ADMIT this is something I will definitely work on

I Admit that when I do love someone, I LOVE HARD and care way too much

I Admit that when I find REAL LOVE I would be willing to make changes that I need to make for that right one

I Admit that I do not have all my shit together

I Admit that I feel like grief has taking over my life

I Admit that I get lost in my head, replaying a lot from the past

I Admit I am trying and a work in progress, I am healing and indeed working on me

I Admit that I am willing to change things that serve no good in my life

I Admit guilt to things I cannot change

I Admit I am always me

I Admit my truths here and now, BARE it ALL

My truths are here, LAID OUT

How about you???? What do you ADMIT?


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Your Dream!

Your Dream!

Never say what you cannot do. Never say your dreams cannot come true.

Train yourself, train your mind to know and understand that you can do anything you set your mind to. Work hard and have faith. Take the necessary steps that are needed to fulfill your wants in life and pursue your dreams. Yes, sometimes it can be scary putting yourself out there and taking risks, but if you do not do that then you will never know what could have happened. You must believe in yourself, believe in the process because getting to your dreams may not be an easy road. Have people who love you and who are there to help and support you and you do the same for them. Having support is important whether it is for personal or business it’s great to have a loving person around. Put the work in and work hard for what is yours. You are the one who holds the key to your success. I have in the past got in my own m way and had to learn to trust and have believe in myself, build me up. I have also learned that stuff does not happen overnight you have to have patience. Motivated is another part of wanting your dream to be motivated every day and ready to make it happen, be dedicated. If you are not motivated to do this it will not work out. Practice your craft, over and over if need be feeling it, breathing it, and claiming it. Prove it to yourself first then the world. Live your life live your dream. You can do it. Always believe in your dream always believe in yourself.

Blessings and Love! Have Faith and Believe!

Thank you for reading.

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