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Date or No?

Questioning myself lately and asking am I ready to date? Thinking about relationships, love, and having someone by my side. Getting that lonely feeling. Just a little scared honestly of putting myself out there, letting my guard down. I also think that it is time to at least try to meet new people. I am a homebody and I need to get out of that. Want to live a little and be happy enjoying my life. My life consists of motherhood, working, writing all day every day. Do some different things. Just doing a little thinking well of course and it’s on my mind. Just don’t know when I would work up the courage to actually do it. Lol.

I am still a work in progress and still trying to learn to trust. Blah Blah Blah my life is boring…. Thinking out loud.

Blessings and love!

Thank you for reading.

I Adore!






I adore you so

Damn that

Arousing feeling I get from

Being near you

I adore you so

And all of your

Desirable ways and what it brings

I adore you so

The way you got me

Open and wanting only you

I adore you so

With all of me

My revere for you, your heart

I adore you so

Exciting love, exciting memories in many ways

My heart to yours

I pour my love

I adore you so

-I Adore-

Blessings an Love

Thank you for reading.

Random Thought (Not Really)

How long does it take for you to really like a person? How long does it take you to let them know how you feel? Do you wait and be patient to see if the feelings are mutual? Or do you let them know right away and deal with the outcome regardless of what it is?

I am asking this because I am an overthinker and I am guarded. So, sometimes I hold back my true feelings and because I do not like rushing at anything. I tend to cut people off early on, regardless of how I feel about them. I question myself constantly as to why I am like this, why do I get scared of being in a relationship? Why do I fear that a person do not really want to be with me? I will avoid them and their questions. Sometimes I think it is because I fear that a person will hurt me, I feel their intentions are not pure (not healthy thinking).

Again, I do not know why I think this way. I hate it because, I have made connections and get along with certain people, they piss me off once and I cut them off with no problem. Yes, that is with family too. I do not like to be hurt, yes I know it is a part of life. I have had it where I do put my feelings out and the other person do not feel the same way and they admit that I was just someone to pass the time ( True as fuck) and I was crushed (No LIE) and want one thing from me( ugh so sad).

I admit here and now that I am scared of love, I am scared of commitment, scared of getting let down by someone I truly love, scared of showing all of me and in return I get shit on my face. It is hard to deal with and no lie, my pride, my ego gets in the way sometimes too. I convince myself that a person is no good for me. I do feel bad to those people who genuinely are there for me, they really care about my feelings, it is real love, and I avoid them because of my own issues, my trust issues. Shit that has noting to do with them. I try to get over this and let things flow. But damn my head and my heart have crazy battles, head-to-head clashing most of the time. I really need help to deal with my crazy ways.

How do I fully let my guard down without so much overthinking? How do I fully put my heart and trust into someone else hands? I feel like I self-sabotage. Been doing this for years and probably missed out on real connections, and opportunities. Wanted to talk about this and let this out because I feel like I have finally met the person for me (I Think) but of course I am overthinking every damn thing, and do not want to move forward. Maybe I feel like he is not really real with me and honestly don’t mean shit to him, and I can definitely be wrong about it all,

Thinking and venting. Crazy I feel more comfortable with writing it out and sharing on my blog before letting him know. But my feelings and how I am dealing with it right now. So WHAT!

My blog peeps I need help (LOL) but seriously cause man, man, man he is on my mind constantly like all day. We have so much in common, I like him way more than I let him know, hell I want him something seriously but like I said above homegirl is scared. But why though?

Okay I am done venting on crazy stuff…. I need to seriously get it together. I am grown and need to act like it!

Anybody understand where I am coming from?  Any advice? Been there before?

Have a good one!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Ray’Elaine’s TRUTH Love it or Hate it!!!!!

Touch Of Gentleness!

In fields of green and skies so blue

Where gentle breezes softly blew

Two lovers met with tender grace

And gentleness shone on their face!

With gentle kisses and caress

Their love did sweetly manifest

Each touch so tender and so kind

A love that’s gentle, pure, and blind

In this pastoral scene so fair

Their love did blossom without care

For in their hearts, they knew the truth

That gentleness is love’s sweetest fruit!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Yellow Rose!

Amidst the garden’s green embrace

A yellow rose stands in its grace

Symbol of new beginnings bright

And friendship’s warm and loving light

Its petals soft, like sun-kissed gold

A promise of what is yet to unfold

A beacon of hope to guide the way

Through life’s journey, day by day

Oh, yellow rose, so pure and true

Your beauty brings joy anew

May your essence forever shine

And lift our hearts, like the divine

For in your bloom, we find a friend

Whose love will never truly end

So, let us cherish this gift of life

And all the blessings it brings in sight

-Yellow Rose-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

An Unwanted Love!

Loving someone who doesn’t love me

A painful truth that’s hard to see

My heart yearns for their affection

But it’s met with rejection.

I try to move on and let go

But my feelings continue to grow

The more I try to push away

The more I long for them to stay.

It’s a cycle that never ends

My heartache, it just extends

But I know I must be strong

And find a love that will belong.

For loving someone who can’t reciprocate

Is a heartbreak that I can’t tolerate.

It’s an Unwanted Love

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.