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Proudly we look back on the past

A time that’s gone but still will last

Some things we wish we could rewind

The happy moments we left behind

Presently, we live in the now

Enjoying life and taking a bow

Surrounded by technology’s might

Time flies by both day and night.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror


To do better than yesterday


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

A warrior, strong, even with

Facing difficult days


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

To do what is necessary, tasks for the day

What is best for me


No slacking

No excuses

Success on the way!


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

Repeat this ten-letter word!

Over and over

Motivation I have

To keep me going

Wanting more

I’m dedicated


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

Homegirl going to knock down doors

I am here, standing tall, giving, willing

Ready and motivated.


Blessings and Love.

Thank you for reading.

Be Inspired

A dream that takes flight, soaring to new heights

Love, a force that moves us to create

A free verse poem, a canvas, a plate.

In the stillness of the night

The muse speaks in whispers

A melody, a rhythm, a light

Guiding us to be seekers.

Dreams, the language of the soul

A bridge to the beyond

A vision, a goal

A journey that we’re fond.

Love, the heartbeat of life

A symphony of emotions

A refuge in strife

A bond that never lessens.

Inspiration, dreams, and love

A trinity that fuels our fire

A gift from above

A reason to aspire.

A reason to be inspired

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Passion Within Me

Passion burns within my heart

A flame that cannot be tamed

It drives me to create my art

And leaves my soul forever changed.

With every beat, my passion grows

And fills me with a fierce desire

To chase my dreams and conquer foes

And reach for goals that are much higher.

My heart and soul are set ablaze

With fiery passion that never fades

And I will follow where it leads

To find the life my heart truly needs.

For passion is the driving force

That fuels our souls and sets us free

And I will follow without remorse

Wherever it may lead me

It is the passion within me!

-Passion Within Me!-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


Monday night quotes.

Quotes I am sharing tonight spoke to me about self-love and care and about following your dreams. It is important to treat ourselves right and do what is best for ourselves.

These are not my words. Just saw these quotes and I love them, and I hope they speak to you all as well. Become the best you that you can!!! I want everyone to succeed!

Just wanted to share them.

“Never ever stop believing in yourself. You are born to make it big.”

“Never let life impede on your ability to manifest your dreams. Dig deeper into your dreams and deeper into yourself and believe that anything is possible, and make it happen”

“The worst thing you can do is let someone get comfortable with treating you wrong.”

“You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script”

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.