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LOVE will help you get through some tough times. Love those around you, love those who are there for you. Do not take love for granted. Love is a beautiful thing. Love yourself that’s number one cause if you do not love you who will? Or how can you love anybody else? Love is on my mind, and I say this because it hits home, I tend to push those who love me away and I have learned that is not a good thing to do and also been a person who loved someone who never loved me, so I know the emotions. Learned over time that love can conquer if you let it. Just my thoughts I know I am rambling.

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So tonight, I am excited. I have finished the rough draft of my first book. It has been a rough few months, but I made it happen. Started working on it 10 months ago. My passion and was dedicated to the process and continuing on. Wow, I am really done with it, well still must edit. Wanted to share the good news here on my blog. I don’t know if I should be this excited. There are still ways to go. For the rest of the week I will be done with edits and working on book covers. For the rest of the night, I am relaxing and mentally prepared myself for the next steps. Also, will be finishing up my poetry book soon. I am in a zone and the pen flowing. I love it. Again, want to give thanks to those who gave encouraging words and helped me on this writing journey of mine.

Hopefully, editing will be done by this weekend. I have 18 chapters to go through so I know I will be busy with work, and this. I got this I am ready! My grandma and mom would be proud. I also have good and new ideas for my blog, so I am excited about everything. Happy night for me! Okay, do not want to keep rambling…

Exciting Monday night. How is the night going for you? Ready for the week ahead? Hope you all have a good one!!!

Blessings and Love

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