Have your own mind

Be self-sufficient

Be ordinary

Be considerate


Be alert



Thank you for reading.


Quotes tonight! Life and love. Live and learn! Be Patient Blessings Thanks for stopping by!


Sometimes you just must remind yourself that you will succeed, you will win. You will overcome obstacles that are in your way. Remind yourself to push hard every day and never give up. Keep pushing through it all, even if you must cry, scream, let it all out. Don’t give up. Sometimes we have to … Continue reading Reminder!

Mood: Music and I!

Hello all how’s it going? My mood right now is I should be in bed but the damn music is taking me places. Enjoying some old-school R&B. Some smoke some drank. I am in a zone and don’t want out of it. I’m chilling and jamming having fun by my damn self lol. Tonight it’s … Continue reading Mood: Music and I!

2 thoughts on “S.N.T-2/19/2022

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