Have your own mind

Be self-sufficient

Be ordinary

Be considerate


Be alert



Thank you for reading.

A little me time!

I am off work today so; I’m going to treat myself. A date with self. I haven’t treated myself in a while and wanted to get out the house. I decided to go to the movies to see John Wick 4. I love action movies and know I will love it like the other 3.…

QOTD! Happy Thursday!

Good morning my blog peeps! Stopping by to share a few quotes hopefully to get you through the day. The Quote of the Day is: “Believe that you are wonderful, and life will become a celebration. Never underestimate the power of belief.” – Unknown Have a Good One! Blessings and Love Thank you for stopping…


Wednesday Morning!!!!! Every morning no matter how I feel I tell myself that I am loved, I am strong, I am beautiful, and I am worth it. Even if someone else does not see my worth I do. I teach this to my daughter and my nieces I tell them to always love their selves.…


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