Just Write IIII

It is a writing night. Ideas are flowing well, and I am feeling confident in my work, it has been a while since feeling this way. My kids are not home this weekend, (Yayyyy, LOL) so I plan to get a lot done with little to no excuses. I got my music going and I am in a zone I must say. Crazy how I was stuck for 2 months on one chapter. But I have it figured out and I am going with what I have and moving on. Hopefully, by Sunday night I have a few more chapters done.

It is a cool night for me. Just writing and chilling enjoying my time alone because I do not get that often, so I am trying to get some writing done and be at peace. Also, this weekend I will be finishing a book I started reading. A book by J.D. Mason called Crazy, Sexy, Revenge, it is a series The Gatewood Family, and I am on book three so cannot wait to finish it, books one and two were good and had me on edge. So that is my night and weekend plans. And of course, writing for my blog also. Again, and yes, I say it a lot but yes writing is my passion! Hope you all have a good one. Just write and be you!

How is yall Friday night? Any new goals this month? Are you writing, brainstorming, reading? Any fun plans?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

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