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Time flies past us

As life goes on


Something we have no control over


Waits for no one


We think we have more of it

Think again we really don’t


With life combines, can be chaos


Here and now

Moving at a fast pace

Slows down for NONE


While we stand still, waiting and wanting more

Times flies by us

With no worries

No commitments


Comes with regret, hurt, lost, pain, sadness, numbness


Brings life problems

Time moving fast

Time something, we cannot stop

But we must keep moving


Something life will never

Be without

Life goes on, no matter what


We stand by and watch


Again, we cannot stop

Weather we want to or not


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading!.

Passion Within Me

Passion burns within my heart

A flame that cannot be tamed

It drives me to create my art

And leaves my soul forever changed.

With every beat, my passion grows

And fills me with a fierce desire

To chase my dreams and conquer foes

And reach for goals that are much higher.

My heart and soul are set ablaze

With fiery passion that never fades

And I will follow where it leads

To find the life my heart truly needs.

For passion is the driving force

That fuels our souls and sets us free

And I will follow without remorse

Wherever it may lead me

It is the passion within me!

-Passion Within Me!-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.