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My Best Friend’s!

When I try to speak those words

Me, my mind, my soul, and my body

Freezes up

Scared feelings and thoughts

Have to grab my pen and notebook

Write it out!

When I want to look in the

Mirror and face myself

There is a pause, frightened

What is there?

Scared to move, speak out

Have to grab my pen and notebook

Write it out!

Sometimes only way to

Get my feelings out

My best friend’s

Pen and Notebook

Who I’m never afraid

To speak to

My best friend’s

Knows the real me

Updated on a daily

Write it out!

Tonight, giving a shoutout

To the two who have been there for me the most

My best friend’s

Pen and Notebook

I shall

Write on!

-My Best Friends!-

Blessings and love!

Thank you for reading.

Friday Night

My Friday night.

Tonight, I feel like I am in the zone after my crafting search and movie night I am writing the rest of the night till I am tired. I have some good ideas that I need to let out. It is best that I get it out on paper. I love when I can concentrate and get some writing goals completed. tonight, the goal is to reach chapters 12-115 hopefully. I am also working on my characters development template to help with the chapters. I know this is a short post, but time is ticking, and got to get to this writing. What are your plans for the night?

Hope you all are enjoying your night. As always remember to love yourself and those around you.

Have a great one and thanks for reading.

Love Peace Happiness and Blessings. #JustWrite