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My Spaceship!

I soar in space, on my ship alone

No worries or fears, just freedom I’ve known

A fantasy world, where I rule the skies

No boundaries or limits, just endless surprise.

My ship is my refuge, my sanctuary in flight

A place to escape, to dream and take flight

No troubles or stresses, just pure ecstasy

In my own spaceship, where I am free.


A Fantasy…..

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Being Productive!

Daily writing prompt
When do you feel most productive?

I feel most productive when I am super busy. When I am cleaning and getting my house in order, I feel productive when I complete tasks and goals that I have set.

Of course, I feel most productive when I am writing. It does not matter if I am writing for my blog, writing in my journals, writing poetry, or writing for my books. My writing days are days that I feel I am the most productive and keeping busy with family life and writing.

I love having a very productive day and getting the important things done.

How about you?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

The Red Rose!

A red rose speaks of love so true

Passion and desire, nothing new

Symbol of beauty, of heart and fire

A lyric ode to love’s sweet desire

Its petals soft, its scent divine

A gift of love, a sign so fine

In poems and songs, its fame is known

The red rose’s beauty, forever shown

It speaks of love that never fades

Of passion that forever pervades

A symbol of love that’s pure and strong

The red rose’s meaning, a timeless song

-The Red Rose-

Blessings and Love! 🖤🤎💙💛💚💗🧡❤💜🤍

Thank you for reading.

Tonight’s Vibe….

Tonight, My Saturday

Hello all

So today was an okay day. I have the weekend to myself, some good ol me time before my kids head back to school. My kids went out of town for the weekend to meet family and have a fun weekend. I had to check my nerves because I was so nervous about them going out of town without me. Anxious and nervous and of course praying. I am going to use this time wisely and pray they are having fun.

So besides that, I have been writing and editing and it was going great for hours then BOOM my mind went blank and I couldn’t think, focus, or write. Just was staring at my notebook for some minutes waiting for something to come to mind. It’s crazy how I was writing and flowing and then can’t focus, can you say annoyed? Guess it is time for a break or be done for the night. Had some writing goals for this weekend and was hoping to get farther than what I did in my book today. Whew let me take a breather do not want to force anything nothing good comes out of that. Maybe I will read a book or find a good movie to watch do not know yet kind of overthinking it and pissed I just got stuck like that after writing for hours today. Try harder tomorrow. Happy writing all

How was your day? What to do for writer’s block? Does that happen to you often? Do you have any writing goals and are they challenging? Yes, many questions tonight from Ms. Overthinker.

Well, that is my Saturday. Have a good one. Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings

Thank you for reading.

Not What You Want.

In the depths of my heart, I know it’s true

That what I offer is not enough for you

I’m not the one who can fulfill your needs

And I fear my love will only cause you to bleed

I want to be the one who makes you smile

But it seems that I fall short by a mile

My flaws and faults are too much to bear

And I can’t escape this feeling of despair

I wish that I could be the perfect one

To hold you close until the setting sun

But my love is not enough to make you stay

And I am left to face another lonely day

Perhaps one day I’ll find the strength to see

That I deserve a love that’s meant to be

Until then, I’ll try to learn and grow

And pray that the pain inside will soon let go.

The sad truth is, I am not what you want….

-Not What You Want.-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.