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My Peace…. Sunrise!

My Peace…. Sunrise!

Sitting and watching the sunrise

Whether with myself or someone I love

Enjoying the nice weather

Enjoying this time, this beauty, this view

I am at peace, feeling that way

Watching something amazing

Positive thoughts, I am

Still and quiet

Holding my own hands, no words spoken

Feeling peaceful

A great moment…Smiling, Happy

Nothing like it, the sunrise

Alone or with a loved one

It is peace, quiet, a beautiful scene

Peace, sunrise

I need!

Thank you for reading.

Blessings all!! 🖤🖤💙💙🧡🧡💛

****Just a Poem****

***Updated 4/19/2022

Mood: Music and I!

Hello all how’s it going?

My mood right now is I should be in bed but the damn music is taking me places. Enjoying some old-school R&B. Some smoke some drank. I am in a zone and don’t want out of it. I’m chilling and jamming having fun by my damn self lol. Tonight it’s just music and I, she lost in it. I’m letting loose a little SO what.

How is your night? Do you get lost in the music?

Anyway, that is my night.

Feeling good for now. Have a good one. 🖤❤️🧡💛💜🤎💙💚


Thank you for reading.



C- Confident, Creative, Cool, Curvaceous

H- Honest, Have Heart, Helping, Hard-working

I- Important, Impassioned, Imaginative, Irreplaceable

L- Leader, Likable, Lender, Light

L- Lovable, Lush, Laid back, Level-headed

Chill that I am, even under pressure yes, I vent about it all the while being me and being so chill. I have to be this way no matter what.

Be you!

Be chill!

Thank you for reading.




Emotions laid out everywhere

Public/private view

Feelings of having different

Type of emotions

Laid upon loved ones, myself


That I cannot control

Comes and goes


I want to keep in

Keep silent


Bottled up emotions


Lashing out at the pain

At people, myself


A rollercoaster of them

Sends me spiraling


A dark place


Some people disregard, well

I sometimes do


Written out in my notebook, true emotions, feelings

Smiling yet hiding


Damn why we have them


Sometimes take over

Left wondering, crying

Heartbroken, in pieces

Like damn these


Again why

Feelings, emotions

All though we all have them

Try to fight them

Still like F these damn


Thank you for reading.

***Just A Poem!***

Write/Movie Day!

Write/Movie Day!

Hello everyone, how is it going? Happy Sunday!

So, I started my day early this morning woke up at 5 in the morning and could not go back to sleep so I got out the notebook and pen and continued my brainstorming. of course, I got to writing. After that I began writing for my book. Was writing for hours and happy that I got some work done and I do not feel like it was rushed and happy with what I came up with. So, 2 hours ago I decided to take a break from writing till later tonight and now movie time.

I am watching some of my favorite movies first up was American Gangster, then some of Deep Cover, now watching Harlem Nights laughing my but off. Next is Hoodlum then later Black Panther. In that order!! Just a few of my favorites, with some of my favorite snacks. Then back to writing.

I am having a relaxed day so far and enjoying this Sunday. How are you today? What are your Sunday plans? What are your favorite movies? Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Stay safe and blessings.

Thank you for reading.