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It Is What It IS

It is what it IS

Sometimes it is best to let go and let things be. We can’t always understand another person intentions, no matter how hard we try. Its s best that we understand ourselves and move accordingly. Sometimes leaving a situation where it stands might be a good thing. Sometimes leave it broke and alone. Maybe you shouldn’t fix it, sometimes we just got to let what is not helping us or bringing us peace and happiness go. Move on and piece your life together. Worry about you. At times we are so focused on making others happy, too much pleasing them and sometimes get nothing out of it and in the process not helping ourselves and we suffer. Let it go, leave it broke, let go of all toxic things. Maybe we need fixing more than them. We need to fix our inner self as well as outer. Sometimes we just got to say it is what it is and go on with life.


Do you! Be You! Be Strong. Sometimes it is what it is. We deal with it.


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Blessings All

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Upfront- Deal With It!

Being up front!

Oh man you try to tell people how you really feel about them or the situation, not to be mean or cruel, but to be real and honest with them. Why do some people ignore that and be like “oh your just talking, you don’t mean what you’re saying” like really?

I am saying this because my children’s father cannot accept that I do not want to be in a relationship with him. We have not been together in four years and yes, all this time he has been trying to get back together. I just do not understand why he is like this. I want nothing from him, Nothing at all. I wish he will get it, understand it, and move the hell on with his life. Last year I tried to hook him up with someone lol that did not work. To the point where it is so annoying, I usually ignore him, but it is too much. The begging and lying about shit to get me to take him back, trying not to snap on him, but it is so hard.

I do not feel like I am wrong or doing something hurtful, I mean we were in a relationship for almost 10 years and I gave him chance after chance and tried my hardest to make it work despite how I was treated by him, (CRAZY) it is like I tried and got nothing but heartache and headache. I am so over being in a relationship with dude I just want to co- parent and enjoy my single life. Why is it so hard for him to understand? Our relationship was bad and very toxic. Yeah, I am venting about this again maybe because I really do not understand it. Thank you for reading.