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Trust None

Thinking tonight and trusting is on my mind

Is it bad that I trust no man with my heart, feelings, thoughts and everything else I keep my guard up at all times not even my dad or brothers. Like I really got a problem. I trust none.

Honestly don’t trust anyone with my life or anything seriously I trust None. Horrible…

My thoughts tonight I write about trust issues a lot because it’s constantly on my mind and I know it’s not healthy to be this way. Still trying to work on it.

Blessings All

Thank you for reading.


**I had a writing prompt that I wrote and working on and wanted to share. It is about my flaws, what they are and how I feel about them. Might be familiar with some of what you read in this blog post because I share my true feelings from time to time. Still wanted to share this it’s everything in one lol.**

The writing prompt was: Write down the flaws that make you perfect the way you are.

I feel that my flaws are Trust issues, insecurity in my writing and self-publishing, self-doubt, control, and a bad attitude most of the time.

My flaws make me perfect the way I am because I feel like the trust issues that I have keep me alert to new people I met, and I keep them at a distance. I have trust issues because those close to me betrayed me. Most people think of someone cheating on you and that is what brings trust issues in people. But no for me it is everybody, I have had friends do me wrong and betray my trust and also have had family betray me. And at this point, I am damn sick of it and that is why I do not trust too many people. This flaw could be a terrible thing to others but for me, I am very aware of it and honest about it. The next thing is my insecurity in getting my book done and published. I am not going to lie I fear it, maybe scared of what type of feedback I would receive. I think I take my time with it; I want it to be perfect. Also, I do not know too much about publishing or self-publishing, so I am trying to do some research before I put my work out there for the public to read. Another insecurity in my writing is the promoting and marketing of it all. I need to get out of my shell and make things happen. Another flaw is being scared to take risks. I need to get out of that and fast.

The self-doubting is a flaw. I second guess myself all the time, which is not good but something I am aware of and working on. My controlling habits, I tend to want to be in control of everything around me. Like I hate to sit back and not be a part of something that I think I should be a part of. Also controlling in a way that I want others to do as I say when I say, I get irritated if they don’t or if I feel they are moving too slow for my liking. I know crazy right? I am also working on that as well as a bad attitude.

I say these flaws make me perfect the way I am because I am fully aware of what areas I need to work on, and I am honest with people about my flaws. Though I feel I am perfect with these flaws I know that some things need to change. I can admit what my strength and weaknesses are and still be proud of who I am. No shame, why because I am a work in progress, striving to get better

Have a better way of thinking and a better life. My flaws make me perfect the way I am. Not meaning perfect in anything but perfect for me.

Do you have flaws that make you perfect the way you are? Care to share? Thoughts?

Thank you for reading.

**Sharing my true feelings. Write it all out. Flaws and all!!**

True To Me

No lies I ask

Be true with me

Want no deceiving

Be true to me

No to the sneaking

Never to be weakened

Give your true self to me

No fakeness I ask

Be true with me

Smiling in my face

Like a snake, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Be true to me

No to the useless relationships

I could do without it

Need no one to pretend to care

I don’t like it

No to all lies and disrespect

I will only

Accept honesty and respect

I just ask you to be true to me

Like I would be true to you

Be careful, be peaceful



True to me..

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.



Hello everyone. How is your Tuesday night going? I want to talk about trust/trusting. I bring this up because I have been wanting to reach out to someone about my life, to talk and sort things out, but I do not know if I can trust another person with so much information about me. Maybe I am being weird about it, but I do not trust easily. I want to let everything out and move on, I just do not know who that person can be. Even with professionals, I am still iffy about it. Trust, trust, trust man I need to learn how to open up more and let people in, that is hard though. Wrote poems, blogs about it. TRUST…

I have been thinking about counseling or maybe reaching out to maybe a life coach. Nowadays I have been trying to balance everything out. Learn new techniques. Sometimes I feel I need help with that. But of course, it is the trust thing.

I told myself that I would try to be trusting and let things flow if I decide to talk with someone. I would give them a try, fill them out and see if we can move forward. I know putting your trust in others or anything can be risky because you never know what their true intent can be and that is my opinion. Trusting others can be tricky or hard again my opinion.

Have you experienced this before? Should I say forget it and just do it? I have to really make my mind up. Man, these trust issues of mine are not good. Yes, I need a little help lol. I have a hard time trusting anything.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading..

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On the inside- A different person

A different person

You ever met a person who is beautiful, handsome and has it all together? Or so it seems that way.

On the outside everything is great. The person seem nice, strong, independent, has goals, but on the inside, the real them tells a different story. They can look a certain way to please who they want which is a cover up but act differently around others. They can be extremely mean and unpleasant to be around.

Photo by Brenda Timmermans on Pexels.com

It is crazy how well you think you know a person when in all honesty you do not know anything but what they tell which is of course lies. Do you know anyone like this? Later down the road you start to think who the hell is this person? What happened to the person I met? Man, these people are good at what they do they are good at acting, seriously a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have met a person like this and all I can say is Scary. I know it is hard to tell how a person is and who they really are when you met them, I say that to say please people be careful. Be careful who you give yourself access to. Be careful who you trust. My thoughts, letting it out. Thank you for reading.

Photo by Fillipe Gomes on Pexels.com


Are you a person who can easily walk away from challenging situations? Are you a person who can easily forgive? Easily forget the negative.

Me I am not that person. I worry too much and think about the past way too much. Something I do not like about myself. I am always on edge and thinking about my past makes it worst and then anxiety kicks in. Wish it were easy for me to forget stuff, to forgive, and trust more. Want to easily walk away with no wounds. Wishful thinking huh? Yeah, it is annoying at times, and wish I could just leave the negative shit in the past. I worry too much it is crazy. Again, wish I can easily walk away from all the bad. Worrying a lot is stressful.

Ugh too much on my mind right now and want to getaway. Head spinning and mind racing fast. You ever had one of those days? Praying on it as always. Just writing to get my thoughts, feelings, and venting out. Sometimes I have to whether it is a negative post or not. I just want to be able to forgive and forget. I am me and right now I am worrying and having anxiety, must admit writing does help as it is calming for a moment. Praying for all of those having those bad days. Breathe and pray about it. Have faith.

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.