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Fully Open!

To Fully be open

Let my story show

Express my feelings, thoughts and

The realness of me

To be fully open

To new opportunities, businesses, life

Live free

To fully be open and

Put myself out there

Take risk be open to

New friends, new love, relationships

Fully be open

Express of all of me

Learning daily how to

Fully open up and

Just go for what I want

To be open

Fear free

Finally living for me

To fully be open

Something I am

Working on

Most definitely!

-Fully Open!-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Lessons II

There are lessons we learn in life. Whether we like it or not. We have the choice of deciding how we deal with it. We can choose to change things, accept what the lesson is and learn from it. Or we can continue to make the same mistakes. Ignoring what the lesson is and keep going down the wrong path. Again, we have choices. We must choose wisely. With everything in life.

Learn from it and move on and do better.

Lessons… What is life without them!

Have a good one!

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Those Lessons!!! It is LIFE!

The Butterfly!

The Butterfly

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful animals/insects that is one of my favorites. I love butterflies because it represents life. The transitions you make in life can be compared to the stage of life of the butterfly (my opinion). Been in love with them since I was a child, the beauty of them, different colors everything. I also love them because I feel like it represents me in a way, I am always transforming/evolving into a better version of me. Changing everything around me. I am also learning to put my self out there set myself free, spread my wings and fulfilling my dreams. I am a work in progress and learning a long the way. I think I am special just like the butterfly. Beautiful like the butterfly, creative and free. Yeah, I think it represents me great. I even collect things with butterflies. Do you have an animal that you feel represents you? Or is it just me?


Thank you for reading.



Big world, so many things to learn. Always have been the type of person who is curious. Wanted to know why and how things were made and how they work. Curious me. I also love to learn about new stuff no matter the topic I get excited. Curious me. Big world, so much to explore, to research. Such as other countries, other cultures, different states, animals, so much. Is it just me? Curious me. How stuff was made, wrote, thought process I sometimes want to know it all. Is that weird? I do not think so, I think that it is great to knowledge on varies of topics. Keep your mind open be willing to learn new things, new behaviors. Curious me. History, weather, space, cars, sports, mathematics, science, arts. What makes the world what it is. Exploring different islands, lands, seas, oceans, rivers, food, music, life lessons. Curious me. Buildings, houses, museums, dinosaurs, different holidays. Yeah, I know I can’t know everything but like to keep up on things past and new. People might think whoa too much information to take in, but it is knowledge having a good education and learning more each day is a plus for me. Curious me. What do you think? Just me being curious about the world. Are you curious?

Thank you for reading.