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Lessons II

There are lessons we learn in life. Whether we like it or not. We have the choice of deciding how we deal with it. We can choose to change things, accept what the lesson is and learn from it. Or we can continue to make the same mistakes. Ignoring what the lesson is and keep going down the wrong path. Again, we have choices. We must choose wisely. With everything in life.

Learn from it and move on and do better.

Lessons… What is life without them!

Have a good one!

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Those Lessons!!! It is LIFE!


When things go wrong in life and you have a hard time just know that you can get through it. Healing is a process and can be challenging! You can overcome it!!

We Fall
We Lose
We Doubt
We Break
We Get Weak
We Fail
Life throws in twists and turns
But then
We Rise
We Win
We Believe
We Heal
We Gain Strength
We Overcome
Life turns into peace and love!

Keep Your Head Up!

Blessings and love

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Battle With Myself II

Battle with Myself II

Still here battling the

Inner me

Scars that scream out

Damn these struggles

Even with them I

Try to rise above

Within the struggles





Remain positive

Stand my ground

Battles that I try

To overcome

Try not to

Let it keep

Me down

Get the grasp

Of life



The world

Even with these battles

I am becoming

One with me

Grown woman

Inner me


It will not last long


That is what they say


Do not stay

They leave wounds

Battle in me

Going to

Go down

I will keep



Who comes against me

Taking them as they come


Life battles

I will win

Even with

The demons within

The dark side of ME

Still this

Battle within myself

Will subside.

A work in progress

Or maybe


Battle with myself continues….

Blessings and Love!

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**A Poem**