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I know you’re supposed to forgive people and move on with life. Yeah, that is hard to do, well for me it is. Why? Because all I think about is how a person did me wrong or harmed me, and then I do not know why they did it. I am left feeling lost and confused. I have a hard time forgetting the past and forgiving those in my past, I mean all of it all the bad and that is probably my biggest problem I feel like I still live in the past and that is not cool. I try to forget about it, but pain and anger will not let me, I do not know why I am still this way, I try to not think about stuff. This is something I am working on I need to let it all go and really move on with my life. Try not to seek revenge and be happy with my life. Try to forgive those who have brought harm my way.

I heard that by forgiving a person you help yourself. You can release the emotions it can bring by holding on to it and it helps with built-up anger. You are not doing any good by holding on to the hurt. I pray that I can forgive people because this feeling of holding on or wanting to hurt back is not good. I am learning day by day how to forgive. Have you felt like you could not forgive someone? Was it hard to forgive? What do you think?

Blessings and Love!

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Hold it in

Walk around with the hurt

Pain, and More Pain

Keep it inside


Hold it in

Sometimes wearing that

Fake smile

Keep it inside


Hold it in

Let it destroy you

Bury it

In your soul

In your heart

In your mind

Bury it deep


Keep it inside

Damn secrets

Hold it in

Be brave

Be quiet

Be scared

It is what they want

Keep it inside


Hold it in


Let it out

Scream it out

Keep it inside


Take your life back

Stand up

Hold it in


Keep it inside

I Will NOT


They will sometimes hold you back

Holding it in

Keeping it inside



Secrets become known

Damn secrets.

Thank you for reading.

***Just A POEM!***

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Ray’Elaine Just Write and Be YOU!!! 🖤🖤



Cold like the wind

Heart chilled, cool, cold

Shut off from me, you, the world

Standing still, stiff body, damn cold

Pitch black, where am I, nothing around

Iciness, trembling body, I’m cold

What is going on? Damn, freezing

Am I coming or going?

Maybe So.......

Damn I am cold

Thank You For Reading!!

****Just a poem!****

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Want to say Happy Heavenly Birthday to my mom. Even though I am sad and still hurt that she is not here I am going to be strong today. Do my writing like I know she wants me to continue to do. Really wish I can hear her voice but again I am going to make it through this day with happy memories of her. Missing her so much and still praying for healing and strength. I love and miss you, mom. Just Showing love to my mom. And know strength is needed badly. Prayers going up

Blessings all

Thank you for reading.

Forever LOVE

Starting over.

When you are down and out and have lost everything. Lose people or anything that is close to you. Lose your house, car, and job. Losing your sanity. That lost and confused feeling comes. You have to start over. When this happens, you fear the unknown because you feel down and feel like your world is at the end. Your emotions are everywhere. Sometimes panic sets in. You have to take those deep breaths and have faith that in the end, it will work out.

The feeling of starting over. Reset your life and try again. Taking it one step at a time. Through the tears and struggles to get back to your normal self and normal way of life before you lost it all. Get back to a happy place. That feeling of questioning yourself and what’s around you, feeling that you are not worthy because of what you go through. That feeling of being scared and not understanding what’s going on in your life. You keep telling yourself to think positive

Starting over. It is a process and something you will not be able to rush. Starting over can be scary and something you will not want to deal with. The feeling of starting over it is draining. But you can heal and get your joy back. The feeling of knowing that it will be okay and that it’s not the end of the world. You are grateful that things are falling into place. The feeling of having to start all over is no more. Still continue to have faith and move with strength and guidance. Sometimes starting over can be a good thing. Pray and Be thankful no matter what.

Just thinking out loud!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Battle With Myself II

Battle with Myself II

Still here battling the

Inner me

Scars that scream out

Damn these struggles

Even with them I

Try to rise above

Within the struggles





Remain positive

Stand my ground

Battles that I try

To overcome

Try not to

Let it keep

Me down

Get the grasp

Of life



The world

Even with these battles

I am becoming

One with me

Grown woman

Inner me


It will not last long


That is what they say


Do not say

They leave wounds

Battle in me

Going to

Go down

I will keep



Who comes against me

Taking them as they come


Life battles

I will win

Even with

The demons within

The dark side of ME

Still this

Battle within myself

Will subside.

A work in progress

Or maybe


Battle with myself continues….

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

**A Poem**