Big world, so many things to learn. Always have been the type of person who is curious. Wanted to know why and how things were made and how they work. Curious me. I also love to learn about new stuff no matter the topic I get excited. Curious me. Big world, so much to explore, to research. Such as other countries, other cultures, different states, animals, so much. Is it just me? Curious me. How stuff was made, wrote, thought process I sometimes want to know it all. Is that weird? I do not think so, I think that it is great to knowledge on varies of topics. Keep your mind open be willing to learn new things, new behaviors. Curious me. History, weather, space, cars, sports, mathematics, science, arts. What makes the world what it is. Exploring different islands, lands, seas, oceans, rivers, food, music, life lessons. Curious me. Buildings, houses, museums, dinosaurs, different holidays. Yeah, I know I can’t know everything but like to keep up on things past and new. People might think whoa too much information to take in, but it is knowledge having a good education and learning more each day is a plus for me. Curious me. What do you think? Just me being curious about the world. Are you curious?

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Curious

  1. What worked for me was a focused curiosity.

    I knew I could never “know everything” through study, but there were some specific things I wanted to understand better. I had chosen electronics as my trade and my hobby, and the situation on Earth as my passion.

    I spent a fair portion of my life working in electronics, so I am glad that I studied it and most related subjects as thoroughly as I did, as it gave me a much better understanding.

    The situation on Earth, on the other hand, was something I might have never learned anything useful about no matter how much I studied. I feel somehow blessed that I found the information I did as early in life as I did, so that I could spend a good portion of my life working on the problem, rather than just trying to find out what the problem was. I made a contribution to the work, but it will never feel like enough. We are in VERY big trouble here on Earth, and most people don’t have a clue.

    More generally, the thing to cultivate is INTEREST. Show interest in your environment and the people around you. This can result is a natural kind of knowing that can be very powerful.

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