A Fragrance

A Fragrance!


How many of you have a certain fragrance that you love that the smell brings calm to you. Every time you smell it, it brings you to a happy place, a place of peace. A fragrance you must have no matter what lotions, creams, lip balms, perfumes, body mist, candles, and more.

For me it is the scent Warm Vanilla Sugar. Yes, I love that scent. And sometimes makes me want sugar cookies lol. It is a fragrance that I have to have the lotion and body cream, and bath bomb and shower gel.  I don’t know it just feel and smell good and makes me feel the same way. Maybe I am weird though lol. I currently use the Warm Vanilla Sugar body cream from bath and body works and leaves me feeling wonderful.

What is your favorite scent/fragrance? Is it a must have? Just sitting and thinking of my favorite things and this came to mind. What yall think?

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “A Fragrance

  1. I was informed when I was much younger that most “modern” perfumes are made of cheap petroleum-based chemicals that damage your nervous system when exposed to them.

    So I don’t use any “fragrances.” I do, though, like the smell of roses and even some of the stronger-smelling flowers and bushes. But not the highly-ornamental lilies; they are too much for me!

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