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The joy in waking up to those you love

Those who love you

The joy in having love, happiness, and family

The joy in being nice, wonderful, gentle

The joy in being yourself

The joy in being a parent, provider

The joy in seeing those happy faces

The joy in being a sister, a brother, a friend

The joy in being complete

The joy of being secure

The joy of being successful

The joy of life

Yes, it’s the joy for me!


Thank you for reading.



Emotions laid out everywhere

Public/private view

Feelings of having different

Type of emotions

Laid upon loved ones, myself


That I cannot control

Comes and goes


I want to keep in

Keep silent


Bottled up emotions


Lashing out at the pain

At people, myself


A rollercoaster of them

Sends me spiraling


A dark place


Some people disregard, well

I sometimes do


Written out in my notebook, true emotions, feelings

Smiling yet hiding


Damn why we have them


Sometimes take over

Left wondering, crying

Heartbroken, in pieces

Like damn these


Again why

Feelings, emotions

All though we all have them

Try to fight them

Still like F these damn


Thank you for reading.

***Just A Poem!***


Mask/Different Face

 Have you ever met a person or met people who act different depending on who they are around? Or you feel they are holding back? Not really all there. Some tend to do it to hide themselves and please others, some do it and hide to protect themselves, and those who do it to hide bad intentions. I don’t think that every person to who do is a bad person. Some. Some people like to be what others want them to be, so a mask is on pretending. When you really don’t want to but don’t feel you have a voice, so you keep that mask on. There are people who do it that do not want people to notice what they go through or what they face. I can say that I have been a person who wear a mask, I put on a smile and act like everything is okay but deep down inside there is a lot of hurt, sadness and pain. I have a wall up and do not want people to know how I am really feeling so I put a smile and I am cool, then I get away trying to avoid everybody. I do not easily connect with people again my wall is up, and I am guarded. Not saying that is a good thing because it still a mask on.

I know that there are some who have that mask on to hide their bad intentions they act and talk like they are perfect, very manipulative, they are monsters deep inside and like it or not there are some people in this world like that. Yes, there are different mask people wear, you must trust your judgement that they are a good person and in your life for a good reason. The world is filled with people who wear mask. Try to be your true self and trust that things will workout for the better. Trust I know, I am slowly letting my guard down and trying to trust. Finding the real me. Do you all know where I am coming from? Have you been there? Are you a people pleaser?

Just my thoughts tonight. Wearing a mask weather good or bad. What do you do????

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Big world, so many things to learn. Always have been the type of person who is curious. Wanted to know why and how things were made and how they work. Curious me. I also love to learn about new stuff no matter the topic I get excited. Curious me. Big world, so much to explore, to research. Such as other countries, other cultures, different states, animals, so much. Is it just me? Curious me. How stuff was made, wrote, thought process I sometimes want to know it all. Is that weird? I do not think so, I think that it is great to knowledge on varies of topics. Keep your mind open be willing to learn new things, new behaviors. Curious me. History, weather, space, cars, sports, mathematics, science, arts. What makes the world what it is. Exploring different islands, lands, seas, oceans, rivers, food, music, life lessons. Curious me. Buildings, houses, museums, dinosaurs, different holidays. Yeah, I know I can’t know everything but like to keep up on things past and new. People might think whoa too much information to take in, but it is knowledge having a good education and learning more each day is a plus for me. Curious me. What do you think? Just me being curious about the world. Are you curious?

Thank you for reading.

Big World

Big World

Such a big world

Yet I feel so small

Finding a place to fit in

Feeling like I do not belong

Such a big world

Great possibilities, A great future

Yet too scared to take that leap

Maybe I can make it, maybe I can’t

Such a big world

Nice and friendly people, Love all around

Or so you think, there are crooks out there

Such a big world

However, a world I am scared to seek

Thank you for reading.