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Perfect ME

Perfect Me

I have to be the best

I have to remain strong, on my feet, always

I have to be perfect

I will meet all goals

I will be an achiever

I will put my all in everything I do

I will be perfect

I can be at the top

I can be what others want, I can be what I want

I can be undefeated

I can be perfect

I do perfectly

I am perfect

Perfect in this unperfect world

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

#JustWrite #PerfectMe

Friday Thought!

Hello everyone

Thinking always lol and what is on my mind, really been on my mind is success and making money. Making my family happy. Failure is not an option, my feelings today. Just taking it a day at a time, getting stuff done of course me Ms. Perfect, I’m focused.

No work today so it’s a writing session type of day. Just doing me and my passion. Might brainstorm some titles for one of my books in progress. Cool type of day. Just Write, Just go with the flow. Again FAILURE is not an OPTION

How was your week? Any weekend plans? Any writing goals for the weekend? Happy Friday, Happy Writing!

Blessings All

Thank you for reading.

One day at a time. Author here!



Little miss perfect (Perfect Me II)

Her Eyes

Mirror Mirror(Perfect Me IIII)

Mirror mirror on the wall

Little Miss Perfect

Cannot fall

And won’t

Mirror mirror on the wall

Strive for the best and stand tall

Mirror mirror on the wall

Perfect me, Perfect world

Outsiders are a NO

Mirror mirror on the wall

Miss Perfect cannot hide

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Little Miss perfect

Showing out, Showing it ALL

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Say it again

Little Miss perfect cannot FALL, FAIL

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Real feelings out

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Tempted and

Want a way out

Mirror mirror on the wall

You know the truth

Little Miss perfect has FLAWS.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

**Just A Poem** #Poetry #JustWrite

Little Miss Perfect (Perfect Me III)

Little Miss Perfect here again

Still standing

Striving for the best

Still reaching

Taking on this crazy world

Little Miss Perfect

Gaining experience

In life

Cannot make a mistake

Manage it all on my own

Push me harder

Blood, Sweat, Tears

Got to make my dreams happen

Little Miss Perfect

Claim what is yours

 Shine on

Be brave

Remember no failing

No slacking

No excuses


Little Miss perfect

Must remain


At all times

I am little miss perfect!

Blessings and Love.

Thank you for reading.

**A Poem**



Being steps ahead

Of your enemies

Your competition

Moving steady and



Goals set




Being steps ahead

Of your self

Your thoughts


Thinking smart


Learn more

Being steps ahead

Of any and everyone

Be alert


Pay attention


Goals set

Mind, body


In tune with


Being steps ahead



Loving and prepared

Ready for it all

Smart moves, smart process

Life I am


Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Little miss perfect (Perfect Me II)

Little miss perfect (Perfect Me II)

Everything I touch needs to be perfect.

Perfectly done in an order

Everything I plan needs to be perfect.

From start to finish no matter what

Planning must be done right, perfect.

I am out of control if it is not.

Perfect being, Perfect me

Get it right the first time.

Little miss perfect.

She just cannot fail.

Calculated steps, schedules, goals

Walk that perfect line I tell myself.

Again, I am little miss perfect, perfect all the time.

Hope you enjoy.

Thank you for reading.