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Okay! Venting a little

Hello all, my blog peeps. Tonight, I am not cool…..

So, I just posted a poem earlier I wrote about me being tired of my past having a tight ass hold on me. Is there anyone else like this? Where you seem like you cannot escape it, the past? Sometimes I hate that I replay past situations in my head. Then here I am on a damn emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes I just want revenge, I want to do harm, I want to unleash the beast. It gets crazy in this head of mines, and I try to contain it all. I also question why am I like this, why can’t I let it all go? Ugh. I just want some people to fucking suffer. Is that a bad thing? Damn these scars I have.


It is too much right now. I need to get back to focus.

 Okay! Whew had to let that out. I am still a work in progress and have thoughts like this from time to time. Was triggered a little today and it had me in a mood. Just venting don’t know if I am the only one. I must continue to pray. I felt close to the edge.

Praying on it and hopefully sleep good and better afterwards. Of course, my blog is my therapy. Please don’t judge me. Just had a fucked-up moment. LET IT Out!!!!

I am trying…WHEW


Thank you for reading.



Emotions laid out everywhere

Public/private view

Feelings of having different

Type of emotions

Laid upon loved ones, myself


That I cannot control

Comes and goes


I want to keep in

Keep silent


Bottled up emotions


Lashing out at the pain

At people, myself


A rollercoaster of them

Sends me spiraling


A dark place


Some people disregard, well

I sometimes do


Written out in my notebook, true emotions, feelings

Smiling yet hiding


Damn why we have them


Sometimes take over

Left wondering, crying

Heartbroken, in pieces

Like damn these


Again why

Feelings, emotions

All though we all have them

Try to fight them

Still like F these damn


Thank you for reading.

***Just A Poem!***


Venting….I really am trying to keep my faith and belief. I try to have patience and not think negatively. But when so much is going on in your life, and shit happens back-to-back it is hard to think positive. I feel like I am in a trance a bad one. I am just not okay today and trying to pray, trying to write, hoping that things will get better. I am at a loss right now thinking about my mom and grandpa and of course my day-to-day struggles and dealing with other people’s shit. My non-exitant love life. Feelings/ emotions are everywhere tonight. Seriously!

Ugh, what a day, what a night. Trying my hardest to not overthink. Just keep writing and keep busy…Hate when this happens but will make it through. Breathe and relax I say to myself.

Push through it no matter what. Venting a little sorry. Mind is just going right now. Hope you all are having a good weekend and making those goals. And having a fun-filled weekend. Tomorrow is a new day to begin fresh.

Blessings and Love all!

Thank you for reading.