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Rage II

This fire, this hurt, this pain, sadness built up

I just want to let it out

My body, my mind wants bloody revenge

Rage inside and I do not care who I hurt, do not care of the outcome

Rage roaring if you are in my view, tears will be cried, blood will be shed

Rage causing me to lose focus, I cannot see, its darkness

Rage want me to react

Rage got me drowning, drinking constantly

Rage inside of me ready to burst

Flames everywhere

Hurt, pain everywhere

Rage rage rage as it continues to build

Damn rage inside of me

Blessings and Love!

Thank you reading.

#JustWrite #Poetry #Rage

Trying! A Poem!

Trying to catch a break

In this world

Struggles and

Burdens surround me

Follow ME

Feeling all alone

Trying to catch a breath

Staying afloat and sane

Carrying the most pain

Smile and cover it

All up

Trying to catch a break

Asking when it will end

Will I survive this fall?

Survive this world

Trying to catch a breath

Feel deep underwater

Needing help needing guidance

Falling, fast and in a hurry

Trying to catch a break

Living a different way

Pretending to be happy

Trying to catch a breath

Take deep breaths in and out

Relax and heal

Content indeed

While still


Take a breather and a break

I am trying!

Blessings All

Thank you for reading.

**A Poem** 💙🖤💛💜🤎💚

What to do?…..

What to do?

So, things have been going okay the last couple of days despite the bad that is going on and trying not to think about it. Been writing for days on and off and the ideas and dialogue were flowing great I mean I was writing and editing with no problem, getting a lot done. Now today I am sitting here blank stare and do not know where to begin, mind is blank and can not think straight. Maybe today is not the day to write or maybe I should try again later. My brain is not working, like what is going on, ugh what to do when you have writers block? No work today so I have been trying to keep myself busy. I guess I will find a good book to read and come back to the pen and paper later and hopefully get those creative juices flowing again, should be resting but whatever. How is you guys day going? Hope it is going well.

Thank you for reading.

Okay! Venting a little

Hello all, my blog peeps. Tonight, I am not cool…..

So, I just posted a poem earlier I wrote about me being tired of my past having a tight ass hold on me. Is there anyone else like this? Where you seem like you cannot escape it, the past? Sometimes I hate that I replay past situations in my head. Then here I am on a damn emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes I just want revenge, I want to do harm, I want to unleash the beast. It gets crazy in this head of mines, and I try to contain it all. I also question why am I like this, why can’t I let it all go? Ugh. I just want some people to fucking suffer. Is that a bad thing? Damn these scars I have.


It is too much right now. I need to get back to focus.

 Okay! Whew had to let that out. I am still a work in progress and have thoughts like this from time to time. Was triggered a little today and it had me in a mood. Just venting don’t know if I am the only one. I must continue to pray. I felt close to the edge.

Praying on it and hopefully sleep good and better afterwards. Of course, my blog is my therapy. Please don’t judge me. Just had a fucked-up moment. LET IT Out!!!!

I am trying…WHEW


Thank you for reading.

My Passion!!

My Passion!!

Happy Saturday!

Working on my craft all the time, practice makes perfect. Writing is my passion and pushing myself daily to write and finish a book, also writing poems, and my thoughts.

I have a couple books going but going to slow it down a bit to get one finished. I have been setting daily goals to help with this book. I want to put good work out there, so I am taking my time with it, making sure its good material. It has been a while but I am slowly getting back into my craft. I know that I have to keep going and make sure I do what I love and that is writing. Just Write!

 I am so ready for this it has been a long time coming and I feel like it is time to get this rolling.  Get my name out there. I am ready!

It is my dream.



Motivated, Determined, Strong-minded


I love this!!!! #JustWrite


Thank you for reading.