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I love the nighttime

It is my me time

Alone time

Chill time

Writing time

When my kids are asleep, Or away!

My creativity is awakened.

Ready with pen and paper

Ready to attack with my ideas, and there is many

I love the nighttime

Quiet, I can think in peace

Set the scene!

Write in peace!

I love the nighttime, my favorite time!

Thank you for reading

Idea, Business, Panic (LOL)

My Ideas, I panic sometimes!

So, a while back I wrote about me being an overthinker, over analyzer feeling that was this moment. Within the last week new ideas came to mind and I have been thinking like crazy. Also was thinking about starting a small business while trying to finish my book. I have no type of business plan set up or wrote out. Me and my ideas are all over the place. Wow needs to take a deep breath and think clear. I should be more worried about my book. I admit that I have been slacking a little the week before. I hope I can focus on one thing at a time because I just over think and really come up with some crazy stuff. I also so think that I can do it all at once and by myself at that. Slow down lady lol. Whew I do too much. Good thing is I said I was going to write more, try to everyday and get my book done. During all this I am trying my hardest not to panic…. Take it a day at a time… Breath…. You got it!

Thank You For Reading!