Okay! Venting a little

Hello all, my blog peeps. Tonight, I am not cool…..

So, I just posted a poem earlier I wrote about me being tired of my past having a tight ass hold on me. Is there anyone else like this? Where you seem like you cannot escape it, the past? Sometimes I hate that I replay past situations in my head. Then here I am on a damn emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes I just want revenge, I want to do harm, I want to unleash the beast. It gets crazy in this head of mines, and I try to contain it all. I also question why am I like this, why can’t I let it all go? Ugh. I just want some people to fucking suffer. Is that a bad thing? Damn these scars I have.


It is too much right now. I need to get back to focus.

 Okay! Whew had to let that out. I am still a work in progress and have thoughts like this from time to time. Was triggered a little today and it had me in a mood. Just venting don’t know if I am the only one. I must continue to pray. I felt close to the edge.

Praying on it and hopefully sleep good and better afterwards. Of course, my blog is my therapy. Please don’t judge me. Just had a fucked-up moment. LET IT Out!!!!

I am trying…WHEW


Thank you for reading.

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