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Night Glow

Exciting night

I can’t hide

This smile on my face and

My happy stance

Glowing in the night

A day filled with blessings

Makes a good night’s rest

Glowing in the night

No anger in sight

Nobody to bring me down

Glowing in the night

Poetry writing with a

Glass of wine, maybe something stronger

Something to smoke

Creating great text line after line

Glowing in the night

With success on my mind


Everything is chill, doing me

Night winding down

My happy stance with a huge smile

A joyful night

My night glows

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

***Random Poem!!!! So Random***

A Random Poem!


From the fountain of wisdom, strength, dedication

Passion and love

To satisfy my


To feel happiness

At its higher level



From the person I was before

My head was swelled with

All the negative

The wrongs

Came a long way


Through it all

I am relishing



My dreams coming true!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


What do you complain about the most?

Now days I feel like I complain the most about having free, alone time, a hectic and chaos free day. I talk about being alone a lot and having some quiet time and peace. I feel like taking care of home, the work life, me writing, and starting a business I just want to take a time to take a break from it a all for like maybe a day or two or shit a week or two (LOL). I complain about not having fun, or doing the basic things for myself. I feel like sometimes I have a boring life. I do not do much, such a home body. Sometimes I feel the need to want to be alone by myself and just relax just be zoned out without a care. Live in a fantasy world for a while. And I say it is wishful thinking. My life iis hectic and always so much to do. Everybody deserves time off and relaxation. Am I wrong?  I also complain about me overthinking lol. Those are the two things I complain about the most. I mean like every day. Crazy! But seriously alone time, a break, a vacation all sounds good and needed right now.

Are you a person who complains a lot? If so, what about?

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Sharing a little more about Ray’Elaine!


This morning sitting and writing

It is raining and gloomy out

Want to stay in bed and dream

This morning with a smile on my face, a cup of

Coffee and my beautiful mind

The smell of freshness

Brings comfort, and happiness is on my mind

This morning positive thinking and thoughts

Feeling good no complaints

And yes, I hope it stays that way

This morning sitting and thinking

It is raining and gloomy out

Writing away this morning this day

I am going to shine

This weather here will not stop my grind

No work today, writing goals on my mind

Just Write and Be You!

Random thoughts

This morning!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


That feeling of being unwanted

Feeling unwanted. Pushed away, casted out

When all I hear is

We don’t want you

You don’t belong


Hearing them loud and clear

Hear it in my mind

Hear it in my heart


I question myself constantly

Is it how I look?

Is it how I talk? Or act?


Feeling unheard, hidden

Feeling misunderstood at times

Thinking how can I be better

For them



No one by my side

Walking that lonely road

That feeling all my life


That feeling of no love

Thinking would it always be this way?

Is there something wrong with me


And searching for

Someone to hear me, see me and

Love me

In this world of chaos

Just unwanted

That feeling that I don’t like.


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

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