Soulmates? Yes or No

I do believe that people can have soulmates, whether it’s a friend soulmate or partner. A soulmate is people who are compatible with one another and has a bond like no other bond. They are drawn to each other and sometimes cannot let each other go. Soulmates are on the same wavelength.  Some say that soulmates are meant to be. I feel that there are times even with being soulmates that some are not meant to be. What do you think?

Now while I do believe everyone has or will have a soulmate, I have not found mine. Or maybe some will not have one who knows lol. I think about having a soulmate from time to time. Don’t know if at my age I will meet one. A person I can truly bond with and be myself around. Someone who understands me in my good times and bad times. A person I can call and talk to about anything. Also, the love and friendship that we will have. Just my thoughts, thinking about random stuff, maybe fantasy. Ms. Thinker, Ms. Dreamer. Do you believe in soulmates? Do you believe you met your soulmate?

Again, what are your thoughts on Soulmates?

Blessings and Love.

Thank you for reading.


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