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Just wanted to share this. Have a good night

Nothing wrong with being the real you!! Embrace IT 🖤🤎💙💚🧡💗💜🤍❤

Have a good one!

Blessings and Love

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Tonight’s Vibe….

Tonight, My Saturday

Hello all

So today was an okay day. I have the weekend to myself, some good ol me time before my kids head back to school. My kids went out of town for the weekend to meet family and have a fun weekend. I had to check my nerves because I was so nervous about them going out of town without me. Anxious and nervous and of course praying. I am going to use this time wisely and pray they are having fun.

So besides that, I have been writing and editing and it was going great for hours then BOOM my mind went blank and I couldn’t think, focus, or write. Just was staring at my notebook for some minutes waiting for something to come to mind. It’s crazy how I was writing and flowing and then can’t focus, can you say annoyed? Guess it is time for a break or be done for the night. Had some writing goals for this weekend and was hoping to get farther than what I did in my book today. Whew let me take a breather do not want to force anything nothing good comes out of that. Maybe I will read a book or find a good movie to watch do not know yet kind of overthinking it and pissed I just got stuck like that after writing for hours today. Try harder tomorrow. Happy writing all

How was your day? What to do for writer’s block? Does that happen to you often? Do you have any writing goals and are they challenging? Yes, many questions tonight from Ms. Overthinker.

Well, that is my Saturday. Have a good one. Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings

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Writing, Vibing, Hungry (LOL)

So, been writing like crazy today (Of Course, lol) and have not eaten anything in hours. I was really ignoring my growling stomach lol. I got to take a break soon to eat. Sometimes it is so hard to put the pen down. A good night of brainstorming, research, editing, and writing. I love nights like these. Where writing is fully taking over my day. Homegirl need a break. For sure

She is Hungry lol.

And now I am up late still writing and hungry LOL. So, I am about to cook some southern fried potatoes, Cajun Shrimp and some broccoli and cheese, while jamming to my music. Whew!! That is what I have a taste for. Yummy!!! Also want banana split, but that would be way too much this late (Greedy Me).

Then it will be back to writing. Got a few writing goals that need to be completed. A few more poems to write and finish a chapter or two for my book. Yeah BUSY. Get It Done! I am focused.

You ever had those days that were a blur? Just flowing through the day?


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Tuesday Night Chill!!

Tuesday Night!

Tonight is a chill night, of course I am writing and being myself and I have a lot on my mind and putting it on paper. At the moment it is writing, music, drinks, a vibe, chilling. I am feeling okay right now, trying to heal and it can be hard but tonight I am cool.

Hope you all had a great day! Happy Writing/Blogging!

How is your night going? What do you have planned this Tuesday night? Also love is on my mind. Remember to always love your self. Sending you all LOVE!

Wishing you Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings!!! Thank you for reading!

Tuesday Night Chill #ShortPost #JustWrite