Writing, Vibing, Hungry (LOL)

So, been writing like crazy today (Of Course, lol) and have not eaten anything in hours. I was really ignoring my growling stomach lol. I got to take a break soon to eat. Sometimes it is so hard to put the pen down. A good night of brainstorming, research, editing, and writing. I love nights like these. Where writing is fully taking over my day. Homegirl need a break. For sure

She is Hungry lol.

And now I am up late still writing and hungry LOL. So, I am about to cook some southern fried potatoes, Cajun Shrimp and some broccoli and cheese, while jamming to my music. Whew!! That is what I have a taste for. Yummy!!! Also want banana split, but that would be way too much this late (Greedy Me).

Then it will be back to writing. Got a few writing goals that need to be completed. A few more poems to write and finish a chapter or two for my book. Yeah BUSY. Get It Done! I am focused.

You ever had those days that were a blur? Just flowing through the day?


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1 thought on “Writing, Vibing, Hungry (LOL)

  1. she is thee
    mother lover
    ex forma
    anotha motha
    form terra firma
    rite fit
    to bit
    love to hate
    hate to admit
    darling dear
    wanna have ya nearer
    oh oh~


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