My Lonely Why

My lonely Why

Lonely days with nothing but these thoughts, bad ones, negative ones oh man. Sitting in the dark trying to block out everything wondering why. That is what is mostly on my mind all the time, all the bad that has gone on again I ask why? Why me? Lonely nights sitting in the dark with a bottle of liquor in my hands drowning in the liquor trying to drink all the pain away, yes still in the dark its better this way. No reflection of myself and nobody looking this way, good do not want any to see me, just drowning. The past is what brings me here always like why? Why this? Why that? Lonely days and nights turn into darkness, depression, anxiety, pain, despair, and sadness. Lonely with tears in my eyes as I ask my self why. A question to my past. Always lonely and in the dark trying to climb out my own head away from the negative thoughts, climb out my depression, away from my past, away from the madness, and from my lonely why.

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Bottom of the Bottle!

Bottom of the bottle

Bottle of liquor in hand, bottle to lips

Way gone but still going

Problems? What problems? That don’t matter to me

Bottle in hand, bottle to lips

Music taking me places, I am in a daze

My own world, My own damn rules

Bottle in hand, bottle to lips

I feel numb, nothing can touch me

Stress? What stress? Yeah, I do not care

Bottle in hand, bottle to lips

Wondering should I stop, should I care

But I do not want to feel anything, or see anything

Bottle in hand, bottle to lips

Life what fucking life? Forget all battles

To drunk to notice anything

Damn is my life at the bottom of this bottle in my hand

Should I continue to put it to my lips

Bottle in hand, bottle to lips

Drunk and gone, gone, gone gone, gone

Damn this bottle in my hand, damn the bottom of this bottle….

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***Just a Poem!!!***