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Wishing I was better than I was yesterday

Wishing my dreams would happen overnight

Wishing I can stop the overthinking

Wishing my grandma and mom were here

Wishing I can forget all the problems

Wishing life was a little easier

Wishing I had someone who shares my hopes and dreams

Wishing I was not lonely

Wishing for a calm mind

Wishing for more strength

It is just a night

Of wishful thinking

The wishing continues….

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

A Night.

Have you ever felt like you wanted a fresh start or have a reset button?  Maybe a pause button like whoa damn slow down life. A fresh start would be nice for me and my family. Thinking out loud and maybe do a longer post about it tomorrow….I am tired and have too much on my mind.

That is my post my feelings tonight. A fresh start is needed. **Short Post**

Hope all is great with you all. Have a good one

Blessings and love

Thank you.

T.O.L-What a Day, Overthinking

Sometimes I wonder where all this overthinking gets me. I do not like it and tonight my mind is in overboard, elevated level, overload, just going miles. So much is on my mind, tried to keep busy with writing, then tried watching tv but that did not last long. Ugh, need to go to bed seriously praying tomorrow is a better day. Just thinking out loud. And I hate being emotional. What a day. What a night.

Hope yall night is better!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.



This is so true but very hard to do. Anyone else?

and being very overwhelmed by it. Annoying

Are you someone who smiles through it all even though you are so stressed out with everything around you. You feel like it is too much to handle. Not going to lie I AM. Ugh again ANNOYING


Being overwhelmed feels like ton of pressure (well to me) on you. And I get crazy anxiety so I really be feeling all types of ways. Man it freaking sucks. But we got this. Right?

Yeah we do.


Just a lot of thinking this Early Morning..... I feel overwhelmed now and should go to bed. Wanted to share some quotes and how I feel about being overwhelmed. Thank you!!!