Trust Issues…

Trust, this word and it’s meaning. I hate that sometimes it is hard for me to trust people and situations. I tend to question everyone and everything around me. I do not open up easy to people because I automatically don’t trust them. Is this a bad thing?

I really look at people and be like nah you can’t be trusted then I just don’t deal with them. I can honestly say that I do not have any friends. None. The closet person I talk to and hang out with is my sister. I also do not want to bring any type of friends around me and my family who don’t have good intentions. I have been through a lot of shit with different people and maybe that’s why. I don’t know just thinking and venting.

What are yours thoughts on trust? Do you easily trust people you meet? Thinking, thinking, thinking and more thinking of course lol. I hope y’all night is good. Wishing love, peace, happiness, and blessing to you and yours! Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Trust Issues…

  1. The most important person to trust is yourself.

    You can’t tell about someone else unless you have been around them a bit.

    If you don’t trust yourself enough to check new people out so you can find out where they are at, then you will never be able to trust anyone, because you will never be able to find out if they are trustworthy!

    I had to learn how to do this from my religious teacher. Most people don’t know how to do this, so they scare easily. Now I can engage with a scammer online, and when I find out the truth about them, just laugh in their face! They have not been able to scam me because I am trained to be able to tell. And several have tried!

    When I was young this wasn’t a major issue for me or the people I knew. But these days, that nice looking man who reads the news on TV could be one of the biggest fakers in your life! Or it could be your doctor or some psychologist.

    A lot of new data has been developed recently about how life really works. Vested interests feel threatened by this new data, so have created fake stories that try to disprove it. That effort just turns them into a compulsive liars and criminals. So now we have to be more astute about people that we used to be able to trust without a second thought. It is a real shame, but also a learning experience for us all.


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