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I Admit!

I Admit that I am a person who is so stuck in my ways

I Admit that my attitude is not the best, I rage from time to time (SIGH)

I Admit that I can be a little hard to deal with and sometimes need reassurance that I’m still wanted and loved

I Admit that I have a tough time letting go

I Admit that it is hard to let my guard down and for me to fully be open

I Admit that I am afraid to love, to be vulnerable with someone

I Admit that it will be hard to not be in control all the time, when I feel the need to want to control everything

I Admit that I can be toxic in a way when I shut down and shut off from the world. I do not want to be bothered with anything or anybody. I really would not talk to anyone for days. I feel its toxic because I should just address shit instead of running a away and shutting down my emotions (BIG TRUTH)

I Admit that I have major trust issues and sometimes I just don’t believe what a person says sometimes

I Admit that it would be hard to let a man come into my life and take lead, also ADMIT this is something I will definitely work on

I Admit that when I do love someone, I LOVE HARD and care way too much

I Admit that when I find REAL LOVE I would be willing to make changes that I need to make for that right one

I Admit that I do not have all my shit together

I Admit that I feel like grief has taking over my life

I Admit that I get lost in my head, replaying a lot from the past

I Admit I am trying and a work in progress, I am healing and indeed working on me

I Admit that I am willing to change things that serve no good in my life

I Admit guilt to things I cannot change

I Admit I am always me

I Admit my truths here and now, BARE it ALL

My truths are here, LAID OUT

How about you???? What do you ADMIT?


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Figure it out!

When shit gets tough, you have to
Figure it out
It don’t matter if you can do it or not
Figure it out
Feeling like everyone, the world is against you
Figure it out
Feeling weak, unable, unstable, lost
Figure it out
Weather it’s the highs or the lows
Figure it out
Smile on your face
Tears in your eyes
Figure it out
No mater what
Figure it out
No matter what direction you take
Figure it out
What life is about
Making a way we have
No choice but too
Figure it out

Blessings All

Thank you for reading.



I must sit back and look at the situation, figure out what my options are and make some decisions. I have a lot to figure out and fast. So many thoughts in my mind right now and sometimes I do not know what to do, it is hard dealing with certain situations when there are children involved. The decisions I make will affect them too. Anyways I must do what is best for me and my family and make sure that we will be okay, that is my priority.

On another note, I have to make the right decisions when it comes to my writing, my books. That is challenging because I have so many ideas and I want them all out. I need to learn that it is okay to work at a slow pace so that way it is done right, and I have good material for my readers. I do not want to rush my work and it is not good quality. This weekend I have to make my mind up on some things. Man, so many decisions need to be made. Ugh what to do?

Thank you for reading.

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