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In My Heart

In My Heart

In my heart I will remember your love

In my heart I will always see and feel your smile

In my heart I will keep your voice, your words

In my heart I will always see and feel you

In my heart I will keep your memories

In my heart, in my mind you will

Forever be missed

In my heart you will always be

I love you always mom

Sill in my heart

Thank you for reading.

Heal (Trying)


Trying to heal and be okay with myself deep down inside. I want to be happy and I know that I will not heal over night. I read books of inspiration and also read inspirational quotes.

This process is hard but I am willing to try hard to overcome everything. Shout out to all of those who been there and made it back from it. And to those who are fighting battles and trying their hardest to overcome them. We got this. Prayer and guidance.

I have included in this blog some quotes on healing. I like them.

Thank you for reading.

It is not. It will take some time. Be Patience. I know I am!

Prayers/healing for All

Prayers/healing for All

At a time like this our world needs healing it needs prayers. It seems to be too much going on, ugh always something. I know people are shocked at what is happening I know I am. I feel pain and heartache and wish it were better. I am praying for strength, guidance, understanding, patience, and healing for my families and yours. Praying for better days. Hope you all are safe and okay. Remember to love yourself and those around you. This is how I am feeling at this moment and wanted to share. Thank you for reading.

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