Hi there today I am relaxing and listening to music and thinking. I am thinking about music. Music is everything to me, it does not matter what mood I am in music helps. I feel like music in a way is my therapy, I get lost in the songs. Anybody else feel this way? Or just me? I listen to music before I write, while cleaning up, while I am sad and crying, when I am up and happy, while having fun and more. I like to put music on and let it take me away for a while. I like to listen to old school R&B and Rap. I love songs that the lyrics speaks to me and makes me feel good. Mary J. Blige and Usher are artists that I can listen in any mood. Music helps sometimes just clearing your head jamming to the beat and/or lyrics. Of course, when with family and friends it is fun dancing and partying and connecting through music. Music can bring people together, well that is what I think.

How do you feel about music? What is your favorite genre? Who is your favorite artist?

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4 thoughts on “Music!

  1. The way I see it, music has no earthly use, and thus is clearly food for the soul. To play music is to nurture yourself spiritually against a life that often disregards Spirit or treats it like an enemy.

    Spirit is your best friend and Spirit loves music!

    I grew up on Folk, musicals, and a little jazz. Into my teens I turned to Rock but also found more jazz and also ethnic music including classical Indian, Gamelan and tribal African. In my 20s I found Reggae, Calypso, Salsa and Greek folk dance music. Later I found Brazilian Pop, Zouk (Kassav), and Johnny Clegg. Those remain my favorites now.

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  2. I listen many genres of music if the beat or
    Lyrics move me I’m
    in it, music is my therapeutic surfboard. I use it ride ride me through my cognitive, emotional and social storms. It my workout buffer, my family motivator , it there for me when I’m in my solitude zone, and shift me back partying mode, music when there are happy tears and sad tears.
    Music is the best !!

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