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Friday Night

Nothing much tonight just getting my edit, brainstorming, and writing on. Feeling good tonight and the writing is going great. Working on my writing goals and getting things done. Working on book covers also. Busy Busy Busy!!! No complaints. I’m chill!!

Hope you all night is going great. No long post tonight. Simple.

My Friday night. Any Plans? Any Writing Goals this Weekend?

Write On, Blog On, Happy Writing!

Blessings and Love!

Thank You.

Just Ray’Elaine

Lately I have been off and trying to get back to me and be happy. Trying to get these books done and have other projects in the works.

Strength is needed!!! Sometimes I need to slow down.

I want to start a new business where I will be a ghostwriter. Still have to get that started. Also want to design book covers for authors. I have been doing some practice with book designs and flyers it is something I love to do. Just wishing it turns out good for me. That is definitely in the works.

Constant new ideas coming, and I let my mind and pen flow with it. That is just Ray’Elaine. Just Write and be you!

Yes, there is more to come!!!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

***Such a random post lol*** More of me and book links below!!!

Me being goofy!!!😂😂

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