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At Ease!

When he came along

At a time of chaos, and fear

Me in a lost and depressed state

He came along and

Put me

At ease

Just hearing his voice

The sincereness in him

The kindness in his words

Letting me know that all will be okay

He puts me at ease

Understanding me and being patient with me

Thinking is it real?

Does he really exist

Am I tripping? Maybe. Maybe not

Constantly on my mind

The good and bad

But damn, like dammmnn

The thought of him

Has my mind at ease


A friendship like no other

Turns into something much better

A bond

A vibe

True feelings, the lust and the love

Its everything about him

Puts me at ease

No easy love here

Willing to grow, we build

Looking to see what the future brings with us

Guard coming down

With that being said

At this moment

I am at ease

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.



Hold it in

Walk around with the hurt

Pain, and More Pain

Keep it inside


Hold it in

Sometimes wearing that

Fake smile

Keep it inside


Hold it in

Let it destroy you

Bury it

In your soul

In your heart

In your mind

Bury it deep


Keep it inside

Damn secrets

Hold it in

Be brave

Be quiet

Be scared

It is what they want

Keep it inside


Hold it in


Let it out

Scream it out

Keep it inside


Take your life back

Stand up

Hold it in


Keep it inside

I Will NOT


They will sometimes hold you back

Holding it in

Keeping it inside



Secrets become known

Damn secrets.

Thank you for reading.

***Just A POEM!***

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Ray’Elaine Just Write and Be YOU!!! 🖤🖤


Why is it that fear seems to be a reason that holds us back? Well, some people including me. Is it the fear of the unknown that makes us pause and put on hold what we really want to do? Is it the fear of rejection? The fear of taking risks. The fear of not being good enough?  Fear can bring a lot to a halt.

For me, it is the fear of the unknown. I tend to shut down because I don’t know what is to come. That is why it has been taking a while with my book. I know I am good at writing and have a creative imagination and good ideas. I question everything and think of the what if’s, what if it is not good enough, what if people don’t like what I put out. Questions swimming around in my head and sometimes the fear to continue the projects I have going. Fear to put my work out and fear to fully put myself out there and do what is necessary. The fear to take the risks to get out of my comfort zone. Anyone else had or have this problem? Though there is fear within me I am still trying to overcome it. I tell myself that I must change a lot and be willing to do different things that I normally don’t do. I do feel like it is fear that is holding me back. Writing for this blog sometimes comes easy and I just write and just do. I have two books that I am working on still been a year and need to get them done and published. Want to get over the fear of being rejected and the fear of the unknown. Also, get rid of the overthinking too. Want to get rid of my fear of publishing my books and my fear of driving. I know crazy that I love to write but am scared to put some of my work out in the world. SMH. I know I have to have faith and pray the fears away.

Fears make you stop and not want to do anything. Fear has a way of getting in the way of life. Some people stay living in fear and don’t know how to get out of it. Fear can tear you down if you can’t overcome it. Being afraid can ruin your life.

Again, it can hold some back. And I don’t like that I have a little fear, but it is my life and I own it and trying to change it.

What do you think? Ever feared something in life? Do you like to take risks? Is fear getting in the way of your life? What does fear mean to you?

Blessings and Love! Have Faith.

Thank you for reading.


Hello everyone

It is confession time and yes, I am sharing this and honestly, I don’t know if I should be embarrassed about this or not lol. Share and Confess

So, I am 34 years old next August will be the big 35, and guess what? I still do not know how to drive. Yeah, crazy right. I have a fear of driving and also being in cars, traffic period. My sister recently asked me why and what the problem is she feels me not driving is an issue. And honestly, it is kind of is I do have 2 kids and have to get around more easily. To get around I take busses and Lyfts/cabs and even in those, I am scared. She says that I am putting my life in others’ hands instead of driving myself. I feel even if you drive yourself, you are still in others’ hands because you do not know how a person will be on the road. The fear started when I was a teenager had gotten into a couple of wrecks and since then had just been scared. I have tried only twice the first time I was 26 years old and drove around the block twice and was like I am done. And the second time it was just down the street and I stopped myself and didn’t want to finish. Want to get over this fear and take those steps to learn how to drive and be confident in it. Try to tell myself to just do it but it is not easy for me. I probably get made fun of it due to my age and not being able to get anywhere I want. My kids even tell me I need to drive. It is so frustrating having this fear and I don’t know what to do about it. Want to be able to drive so I can take my kids places without paying extra for cabs and waiting for them. I am going to do some research on how I can calm myself, my mind and not think negatively when it comes to driving and cars. I kind of hate that it is this way and constantly question myself on why not just try. Why not get in a car and freaking drive ugghh I annoy myself I tell you lol.

Wanted to write this because lately, it is on my mind with a new year coming up. I would love to be able to move around more freely and want to get it done stop being scared and a baby about it. Maybe take a driving class or maybe some type of therapy I don’t know. Must figure it out seriously. HELP!

Anybody else struggling to face their fears? Care to share those fears? Any tips for me?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.