Kids and Crafts!

Happy Thursday!

Do you have kids that are glued to their screens? I have two kids who love TV and Computer games, and I am always coming up with ideas to lessen screen time. That is where arts and crafts come in, my mom would tell me sit them down with crayons and paper, did not try for a while but once I did, we took off from there. when I first thought about it, I thought they will not like it and that it will be hard to approach them with it, started with coloring/drawing, then painting and more. Years later I have added other art activities and crafts and it works. Everyday they take a step back from screen time to do crafts and sometimes and could be 30 min to 2 hours that they are crafting and enjoying their selves. I think that kids making time for art and crafts is great it is a time that they can express there self and open their imagination and that is what I love. My two kids be so excited about what they have created that it gives me joy. It is fun during the holidays, making ornaments and homemade gifts for the family.  So for parents out their who have not tried or thought about trying art or crafts it is good activities for kids to do especially if you want to limit their time on the computer or watching tv  I  think you should try it.

 I am also trying to get my kids to express their self by writing and also creating short stories, I am a writer and it helps me I like to share my ideas with people because it might be able to help them. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

Photo by Pixabay on
Photo by Pixabay on

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